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Joshua Allison

President & CEO

JCA Companies (Titan Casing, C-MOR Energy, Cascade Services)

Location: Loveland, CO

Founded: 2011

Industry: Oil & Gas

Josh Allison doesn’t want ordinary employees. Instead, he looks for innovators and entrepreneurs. This is why his focus is on loyalty as a leader and CEO of three oil and gas companies under the umbrella of JCA Companies.

“We seek out ways to improve upon equipment, techniques and other services that have become outdated, unsafe or inefficient,” said Allison. “I have also worked with my employees to patent several products that have never before been used within the oil and gas industry.”

His focus has embraced innovations that improve employee safety and have substantial environmental and safety benefits. Allison launched Titan Casing, C-MOR Energy and Cascade Services from 2011 to 2014 and despite the downturn over the last five years, he not only managed to stay afloat, but sought ways to diversify and grow. During this time, he refused to cut his staff and instead eliminated his salary while remaining passionate about customer service, knowing that customers would remain loyal when the market bounced back.

“As a result, the company was able to acquire new companies and expand the service capabilities, company locations and staff into every major oil play in the country,” said Allison.

As a native of Wyoming and Colorado, Allison has sought to solve environmental problems that would impact the places he calls home. He patented a unique rig mounted lighting system that runs on the oil rig power versus diesel fuel, reducing work site noise generation, road traffic, dust pollution and CO2 emissions. He was the first to develop and provide these systems to Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas.

“The demand for this product has been so substantial that major oil and gas players have placed orders six months in advance,” said Allison. “Many are calling it the oil and gas safety breakthrough of the year.”

Allison and his team did not stop there, though. They have developed several new products for frac sites designed to lower the overall carbon footprint and have taken innovation further to the casing arm of JCA Companies by developing a similar product which allows casing companies to run their equipment off the rig power rather than large, power units.

Allison is deemed a market disruptor who offers patented products that are one of a kind and currently used on over 25% of the rigs in the country. His products have also been featured on over 200 media outlets and news organizations and Allison is repeatedly called upon to present as an expert at Denver oil and gas conferences.

“My goal is to teach others the lessons I have learned,” he said. “It’s how you perform in tough markets and your willingness to learn from your mistakes that makes you stronger.”

His constant ingenuity, success, and commitment to safety in the oil and gas industry have earned Allison a spot as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Joshua likes romantic comedies.


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