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Jonathan Jachimiec Myco Technologies 2

Jonathan Jachimiec

Chief Financial Officer

MycoTechnology, Inc.

Location: Aurora, CO

Founded: 2013

Industry: Food Services

Being a great leader is not just about being popular, the good guy or the favorite, according to Jonathan Jachimiec. He says that being a great leader is about making the best decisions even when they are the hardest to make.

Jachimiec, the 7th employee hired at MycoTechnology, was the first leader in the finance department. Jachimiec found himself building out the IT, HR, supply chain, and supporting other areas of MycoTechnology’s operations, even learning how to weld. Jachimiec, now CFO at MycoTechnology, a leader in the food supply industry, said that two years of building out the business, two successful financing rounds, and the long nights away from his wife and young son eventually paid off. He was promoted to Chief Financial Officer the youngest C-level executive in the company. He began this leadership role at age 32.

At MycoTechnology, an industry leader in forming strategic partnerships with large businesses in the food and health industries, including Kellogg and Danone, Jachimiec supports all aspects of fundraising. Jachimiec boosted the company’s valuation by 7-fold. The $100 million in a three-part series of fundraising helped support the rapid growth of the company, as of February 20, 2020. He credits his success to his innate belief that MycoTechnology’s products can create a healthier future.

Prior to joining MycoTechnology, Jachimiec worked for Pfizer (Formerly Hospira) serving in a range of roles from internal audit to plant controller which took him around the world over his 5 years with the company. He then made the leap into the world of start-up’s in 2015. After serving as the acting controller in South Australia where Hospira’s program managed and produced many of its biosimilar products, Jachimiec knew he wanted to stay in fermentation. While working in Boulder from 2013-2015, he was seeking an opportunity to grow in an organization from the ground up, knowing that he would be facing major differences in business roles. He took the challenge and the rest, they say, is history. Although for Jachimiec, it was just the beginning.

MycoTechnology hopes to continue to expand its manufacturing capabilities, with 2-3 additional facilities around the globe and 500 employees in the next 5 years. Jachimiec anticipates expanding his finance and IT teams by 15 high-performing individuals and is putting plans in place to take the company public within this time. Jachimiec also remembers to give back as he builds on the company’s achievements. While successfully negotiating contracts (both customer and vendor relationships) driving revenue and cost savings measures for MycoTechnology, he meets regularly with mentors to advise them on personal growth and leadership skills. He is also an active member of the CFO Alliance.

Jachimiec continues to invest in his own learning and growth so that he can continue to lead others. “There will be times you have to do what is not popular in order to do what’s best for the organization as a whole, he said. And remember- it’s not only about YOU!”

Jachimiec has been recognized as a Titan of industry for his strategic financial approach, business acumen and his ability to achieve this level of success so early in his career.

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Fun Fact:

Mr. Jachimiec resides in Broomfield, CO with his beautiful wife (Jen) and kids (Liam and Audrey), is an avid hockey fan and still manages to find time to play, and is co-founder in a local distillery called Molly Brown, that is catering to the fast-growing and historically ignored female aged spirits drinking market.


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