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Jim H Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

East Daley Capital

Location: Centennial, CO

Founded: 2014

Industry: Energy

With 20 years of experience in the energy industry, Jim Simpson knows how to analyze and predict changes in the energy financial market. However, in 2014, when a public midstream energy company announced it would cut its distribution to investors by more than 80 percent, no one, including Simpson, saw this coming. The cut in distribution led to a massive wave of selling and resulted in a loss of almost $3 billion in market value in just one day.

Simpson realized that this risk could have been exposed earlier if individuals had the right data, safeguarding the energy financial market from the loss.

“No one should be surprised by a knowable event,” said Simpson.

He took action to bring greater transparency to the energy financial markets and co-founded East Daley Capital with Justin Carlson. Simpson and Carlson compiled a dream team of analysts to utilize top-level financial data to predict a company’s performance.

“We also dig deeper to deliver asset and commodity analysis to provide comprehensive, fact-based intelligence to clients and investors across the energy supply chain,” said Simpson.

Initially, Simpson’s company focused on the midstream market. “We believed that was where the most disruption and innovation was needed,” he said. Over time, though, East Daley Capital grew to expand its client base to additional segments of the market.

“We provide not only data, but also strategic insights that can mean the difference between winning or losing in a market event,” said Simpson.

For Simpson, it’s about staying on top of the cutting edge of trends, product differentiation and changes to provide clients with answers across the entire energy value chain.

“That’s the new paradigm. It’s a holistic approach,” said Simpson. “You’ve got to understand the commodity space all the way through to the equity space, and how it feeds back into the commodity space.”

Before co-founding East Daley Capital, Simpson pioneered the standard for today’s natural gas supply and demand analytics. He built the research group at BENTEK Energy, later acquired by S&P Global in 2011. Simpson has been recognized as a Who’s Who in Energy 2018-2019 by the Denver Business Journal and continues to speak at the Energy Information Administration National Convention, BENTEK Natural Gas Conferences and LDC Gas Forums.

With more than 23 years of experience analyzing and managing energy information and commodity risk for the gas and power industries, Simpson is routinely sought out for his insight and expertise by investors and publications. His success in the energy industry and as the co-founder and CEO of East Daley Capital is attributed to his drive for transparency.

When he sees an opportunity to improve how an industry operates, or a gap that can be filled, he starts a company to help drive the industry forward. That insight and motivation has earned him a spot as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Simpson and his family rescue donkeys and raise them on their property. Simpson says they are like big dogs, very smart and fun to have around. He likes to start his day off mucking stalls before diving into the financial market trends.


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