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Jason Dunn Dacs 2

Jason Dunn


DACS Asphalt & Concrete

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2014

Industry: Construction - Pavement Reconstruction

According to Jason Dunn, the President of DACS Asphalt & Concrete, successful leadership requires buy-in from your team. “A leader earns that buy-in through consistent, honest and transparent communication while leading from the front in pursuit of a worthy vision,” he said.

Dunn’s vision, though, was focused on another industry when he began his career. He served 15 years as a principal and portfolio manager at one of the largest and most respected value-oriented investment firms. As an investment professional, Dunn practiced as a generalist and sought out value across investment markets with an emphasis in North American public equities.

His career led him to founding, building and managing White Bison where he raised approximately $150 million in assets and developed a reputation among many of the largest, long-term U.S. investment pools as a manager generating high-quality, deep-dive, value-oriented investment ideas.

“At the time, I was seeking value and opportunity to put business and leadership skills to work in an operating company,” said Dunn. In 2018, he did just that by acquiring DACS Asphalt & Concrete, a construction and pavement reconstruction entity. “We’ve since built a strong team and culture, de-bottlenecked the business for growth and set DACS on a rapidly growing sales trajectory while enhancing the customer experience,” said Dunn.

Within the next five years, the goal is for DACS to double its sales within its niche and build a foundation for growth in the years beyond. “This foundation will be built around a strong culture and process, including internalization of our core values and leverage of our implementation of the traction-based EOS management system,” said Dunn.

Building relationships with employees, customers and vendors is at the core of Dunn’s leadership strategy. “I strive to be a leader and team builder of a lasting enterprise operating at a level a step beyond that of its industry with respect to its employees, customers and vendors.”

His focus is also on utilizing his industry experience and the expertise of his employees to continue moving forward and serving the community.

“We will remain influential in our industry as a result of the continual success of our company in achieving its vision as the leading pavement reconstruction company in Colorado,” said Dunn.

His continued success has earned Dunn the honor of being named a Titan of industry.

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Fun Fact:

Jason is a blue belt and active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training out of Easton Training Center.


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