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Erin Hartman Hot Shot Supply 2

Erin Hartman


Hot Shot Supply Co.

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2010

Industry: Heavy/Civil Concrete Construction

Erin Hartman has a passion and knack for getting things done. Tenacious and always in command, her propensity has earned her bragging rights to call herself an industry hot shot.

At the height of the 2008 recession, Erin Hartman was busy filling many roles. Working from home, in a supporting inside sales position, while raising her four children, she watched as the recession took its toll on the Denver market ultimately eliminating her role in business. But Hartman refused to give up. Instead of retreating, Hartman saw an opportunity to build something from the ground up. Two years later, she launched Hot Shot Supply Co., proving that hard work and strong relationships are two fundamental and anchoring blocks on which to construct a business. Recognized in The Denver Business Journal as one of the fastest growing businesses in the metro area, Hot Shot Supply Co., a trailblazer in heavy highway construction materials supply, was built slowly, by design.

Starting at a steady pace, Hartman built upon her established relationships while pursuing new ones. When starting her path to success, Hartman took advantage of all small business and industry training courses that were available. She completed SBA’s, Emerging Leaders, CDOT’s Leading Edge and Turner Construction’s School of Construction Management. As a result of her hard work, Hartman has grown Hot Shot Supply Co. to just under $5 million annual revenue, without any outside capital.

She has honed the craft of introducing and retaining the newest, most innovative materials to reduce job costs and improve performance. Now, Hot Shot Supply Co. specializes in stocking CDOT approved products for the concrete paving industry and heavy highway market including: dowel baskets, loose dowel bars and tie bars, dowel bar retrofit, concrete repair and patching, concrete panel replacement, epoxy rebar, and other heavy highway materials.

Hartman is a respected leader in her industry. After establishing her place in the business, she introduced the platform of DBE/WBE certifications. She continues to advocate for small, diverse business enterprises while serving on the board of Colorado’s Diversity leader, Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCOC), and the associate council for Colorado Contractors Association.

Taking a unique approach to providing a full-service supply house in the Denver marketplace, she has successfully completed multiple leadership programs to continue her leadership growth. Hartman continues to be active in the political arena, advocating for industry interests. And according to Hartman, the path to her future is well-paved.

“Hot Shot Supply Co intends to keep providing the region with exemplary service and innovative material supply,” she said. “We hope to add to our team but intend on Hot Shot Supply Co. maintaining a small business mentality to allow us to continue to take care of our employees and customers, with exceptional service.”

For Erin’s tenacity in the civil concrete construction industry and her thirst for learning and leading, she has earned a spot as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Erin has four children. Her oldest, Nichole, is a University of Tennessee graduate (2019) who is currently working in commercial real-estate development, in Nashville. Her second oldest is a Junior at the University of North Dakota on a football scholarship, studying business and marketing. Her two youngest,  still reside at home, doing all the things. 


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