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Don Brown Springs Hosting 2

Don Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Springs Hosting

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Founded: 2006

Industry: Technology

According to Don Brown, the secret to achieving success in the technology industry is based on four things: blood, sweat, acquisitions and most importantly, excellent customer service.

With his strong leadership, Brown, CEO of Springs Hosting, has driven close to a 40% growth year after year since 2006. Springs Hosting, the only standalone data center in Colorado Springs, deployed its first regional data center in 2008 and continues to provide cloud services, co-location, website & email hosting, and business internet connectivity for businesses around the world.

Brown has worked hard for his successes. While pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree at UCCS, Brown maintained the servers and instructed interns on server and network maintenance in the USWEST Foundation and University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Widening our World (WOW) program. He later transferred to CTU to earn his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2004 and focused primarily on software programming. Brown worked for the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) on various programs while earning his Master’s in Software Engineering at CTU in 2005. Through these various programs and experiences, he helped hundreds of teachers gain training by acquiring and introducing hardware to infuse technology into their teaching. While working for other companies, Brown worked on what would later be called Springs Hosting which now specializes in secure data center services.

In 2017, Frontier IT was established, and all managed IT services were transferred to the new brand. With more than 20 years of experience running enterprise technologies in mission critical networks, Brown’s businesses work closely with thousands of customers today. These services include network maintenance, help desk, backups, and cybersecurity services to deliver a complete end to end solution for businesses in Colorado.

“Given the size and flexibility of Springs Hosting, we can quickly adjust to new and improved data center trends. This enables our customers to be presented with the latest in stable data center infrastructure allowing for a predictable environment to collocate their equipment,” Brown said. He added, “Our goals are anchored around providing 100% facility uptime to enable a consistent experience for our customers’ critical environments.”

As a board member of Pikes Peak Chapter, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and a board member and treasurer of Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Brown values every relationship that he has. He has succeeded in building lasting relationships with his customers, employees, family, and community. For Don Brown, that truly describes his success.

For being a pioneer in the data center business and a leader in the hosting industry, Brown has been named a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Don loves to golf and fly fish. But says he hasn’t mastered catching fish.


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