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Colin Jones

Co-Founder & CEO

WeldWerks Brewing Company

Location: Greeley, CO

Founded: 2014

Industry: Beer Brewing

For Colin Jones, the co-founder and CEO of WeldWerks Brewing Company, the foundation of his company’s success is the investment that was made in a smart people-first strategy from day one. Such a strategy “lends itself to collaboration and buy in, and in general, helps add integrity to the family culture we work so hard to build every day,” said Jones.

Jones knows a thing or two about collaboration. Before launching WeldWerks Brewing Company in 2014, he and his business partner spent 60 consecutive nights working on a business plan. “Our plan almost fell apart a handful of times as we worked through the nitty gritty details,” said Jones. “We both knew building a brewery was a long shot, but it was our commitment and dedication to work together to achieve a smooth flowing process that made everything start to fall into place as our plan progressed. It was an exciting time for us.”

Today, WeldWerks beers are produced in their downtown Greeley brewhouse. Innovation and experimentation are in their blood, evidenced by the 300+ unique beers they have produced in just four years across a nearly infinite range of styles. But an uncompromising commitment to quality and the never-ending quest for improvement are what drive Jones and his team. The brewery has achieved incredible success; beyond what Jones and his partner ever imagined. WeldWerks Brewing Company has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Craft Beer & Brewing magazine and has won several industry awards.

According to Jones, the secret to success is about learning how to get out of the way. “I believe there is a tendency as a founder to hold on to control for too long, not spend the cash in the early years to build staff and teams, and to be reluctant to delegate and trust,” he said. “If you’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy early success, it tends to feed your own ego. Getting out of the way lends itself to different perspectives and ideas. This provides constant evolution allowing you to adopt the practices and creativity of multiple people, all working in together toward the same goals.”

Jones and his partner have cultivated a family culture to ensure that their team works in unison. “We have a strong interest in ensuring that each person is working to their full potential and we try to create opportunities wherever we can,” said Jones. “There will be even more opportunity on the horizon as we continue to expand in other areas of the business and serve different geographical regions.”

Moving forward, Jones said he plans to continue disrupting the norm and seeking and implementing opportunities to do so. “For us, putting people first is incredibly worthwhile and we are willing to sacrifice at the leadership level to ensure everyone in the brewery has the best chance to succeed and earn more than a living wage,” said Jones. “We want to ensure that the business is stronger than whoever happens to be leading it.”

For his commitment to the success of his team and his influence in the industry, Jones has earned a spot as a Titan 100.

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