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Chris Mcaree Leaftech Consulting 2

Chris McAree

Chief Executive Officer

LeafTech Consulting

Location: Centennial, CO

Founded: 2007

Industry: Managed IT Services

Chris McAree is always focused on his passion- people.

All inclusive, McAree goes above and beyond for every person he considers himself responsible for: his employees, clients and vendors. McAree has always had a vision- a work environment that meets exceptional standards and ideals. Since his early basement beginnings, his passion has definitely been his focus, and for McAree, that has made the difference between mediocrity and success.

“While metrics are important, I felt compelled to understand my people, their personalities, their emotions – what makes them happy, productive, and fulfilled in their work-life, said McAree, CEO, LeafTech Consulting. “I genuinely care about those I work with and understand that our company’s success provides a better life for everyone associated with LeafTech.”

LeafTech Consulting, a successful IT company that gives clients the service they need and deserve, was developed from McAree’s desire to deliver superior customer service.
“My day job prevented me from fulfilling the standards that were significant to me in my understaffed corporate IT department,” he said. “It needed to be about people and receiving the quality and attention they deserved.”

So McAree embarked upon developing his passion for the greater good of his workers and ultimately his business. He explained that when founding LeafTech, he was fortunate to have his closest confidant come aboard and stay on with McAree at LeafTech through thick and thin times. Rick Brooke, a longtime friend of McAree’s, had worked with him at other companies that Brooke supported as a contractor. A friendship built on mutual respect for each other’s work ethic and ideals turned McAree’s dream into a reality. Together they built LeafTech and as word spread, they saw that a steady increase in demand matched the speed at which they were able to find technicians and customer service representatives who shared their ideals and vision.

“Even now, we do not actively market to new customers,” McAree said, “word of mouth alone brings in more clients because of the quality of service and experience associated with LeafTech.” According to McAree, the word of mouth success is due to the unique design of LeafTech. “LeafTech is a customer service centered organization that solves business problems using technology, with communication and service delivery tantamount.”

LeafTech’s goal is to deliver the highest quality IT services possible while controlling costs, and increasing, positively and directly, client productivity and profitability. LeafTech maintains exceedingly high standards, operates with honesty and integrity, while continuing to partner with strong clientele across North America.

“The greatest lesson I’ve learned from being a business leader is that I cannot merely manage my team and company based on numbers, in cells, on a spreadsheet,” McAree said.

McAree backs up his words with actions. Even functioning as the figurehead of the company, he is usually the first face you see at LeafTech, representing the company he built personally. According to McAree, the future of LeafTech has vast opportunities.
“Considering that LeafTech has doubled in size, the next five years are going to be exciting. Moving forward, we are confident we will continue to give clients the superior customer service that they deserve.” He added, “If LeafTech succeeds, we all succeed.”

For his passion of people, the IT industry and focus on the extreme customer experience, Chris has been named a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Chris was born in Canada- though he recently received his American Citizenship – and plays in a Men’s Hockey League to release a little stress on the weekends. GO OILERS! (It’s in my job description to cheer on the Oilers whenever possible!) One of his favorite quotes is by Winston Churchill “Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm”.  He thinks he is good a poker (Texas Holdem).


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