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Carlos Abisambra Travelers Haven 2

Carlos Abisambra

President & CEO

Travelers Haven, LLC

Location: Glendale, CO

Founded: 2008

Industry: Corporate Housing

As a left-brain professional, Carlos Abisambra found himself falling into the trap of over-design or over-planning. However, in Jeff Bezos’ 2016 letter to shareholders he mentioned something that struck a chord with Abisambra. “Most decisions should probably be made with somewhere around 70 percent of the information you wish you had. If you wait for 90 percent, in most cases, you’re probably being slow.” This allowed him to rethink and reengineer his thinking.

As a leader, Abisambra now understands that you must have a careful balance between speed and perfection in many different contexts. This ability has allowed him to rise from chief strategy officer to president and CEO in just three years at Travelers Haven, a corporate housing firm. When new to the firm, Abisambra focused on marketing and demand generation. However, his role was quickly expanded and he took over responsibilities for inside sales, operations and human resources.

Since joining Travelers Haven, Abisambra has been instrumental in the growth of the company, said his colleagues. “Carlos genuinely thinks like a business owner and has brought new insights and perspectives to the company. By removing impeding company silos and by creating a company life cycle that connects all departments to interact and work together, his efforts have enabled the company to streamline operations and reduce overall costs.”

Under Abisambra’s direction, inside sales revenue has grown from under 1% of the business to 8% by improving the sales process and overall client experience. He has also helped the company continue to disrupt the industry with fresh ideas and operations, such as bringing in an assembly line and applying queueing theory and data science principles to corporate housing.

As a result, Travelers Haven was awarded the 2018 Supplier of the Year Award and named the Best Midsize Company to Work For by Built In Colorado for 2019 and 2020. Abisambra was also featured in a “The Brains Behind It” episode.

Abisambra sees the company achieving significant progress in the coming years. “Our vision is to become the most loved and largest corporate housing company in the U.S. Over the next five years, we will continue to focus on scalability and growth,” said Abisambra. “We plan to expand into international markets and into new verticals that are currently underserved.”

Abisambra said he will continue to bring a fresh perspective to the company and the industry moving forward. For his rapid success and innovation, Abisambra has been named a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Carlos is a competitive sailor having participated in Six World Championships, first one at age 14. He was also runner up at the Colombian Nationals, right behind the London 2012 Olympic qualifying athlete.


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