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Carina Martin 2

Carina Martin

Founder & CEO

A Precious Child

Location: Broomfield, CO

Founded: 2008

Industry: Non-profit

In 2008, at the height of the Great Recession, it was a difficult time to launch a nonprofit. However, the state of the economy did not discourage Carina Martin. In fact, knowing that more children in her community did not have access to the basic essentials they needed to thrive, only motivated her more to create an organization that could meet the need.

“Before launching A Precious Child, I sought direct feedback from those who worked with children impacted by poverty or crisis situations,” said Martin. She spent countless hours seeking feedback from educators, foster parents, social service workers and special advocates.

“I recognized that nonprofit and other social services were often working in silos with little collaboration, despite serving similar populations struggling with many of the same challenges,” said Martin. Using the feedback she gained, Martin then created specific programs and developed a model in which A Precious Child receives referrals from Agency Partners to provide unduplicated services to fill in the gaps of existing social services.

Currently, A Precious Child collaborates with 450 Agency Partners, giving children in the community access to basic essentials such as extracurricular activities, educational opportunities, school supplies, toiletries and clothing.

Although her nonprofit began in Martin’s garage, through public support and strategic partners with community leaders in Broomfield, Martin was able to move to a larger space and eventually moved into a 26,000 sq. ft. headquarters in May 2018.

Martin’s staff jokes that it is nearly impossible to say no to her: “Her vision and passion have never wavered and it is these qualities that have allowed A Precious Child to make real, positive change in the lives of more than 200,000 disadvantaged and displaced children over the last 11 years.”

Her staff also believes in the difference Martin is making: “Carina is a visionary and a humble one at that. She’s passionate about what she does and is driven to make a significant difference in our community.” Martin’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. A Precious Child was honored as the Large Nonprofit of the Year in 2014 by the Denver Metro Chamber and won the Boulder Daily Camera’s People’s Choice Award in 2019 for Best Local Nonprofit.

Martin, specifically, was recognized by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce as one of the top 25 women in business in the state in 2020. Martin, though, believes the recognition goes to her team. “It’s all about having the right people on your team as they are the greatest asset to your organization,” she said.

For her commitment to the children of the community, Martin has earned a spot as a Titan of industry.

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Fun Fact:

Carina was the first woman to chop the heads off the salmon on the slime line at her job in Alaska which led to faster operation times!


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