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Brooke Hipp 2

Brooke Hipp

Chief Marketing Officer


Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2002

Industry: Accounting & Finance

Brooke Hipp believes that the best leaders do not need to take credit for everything. Rather, they should share it with everyone involved. As the Chief Marketing Officer at ACM, an accounting and finance firm, Hipp’s position includes broad responsibility for virtually all marketing roles. However, she rarely takes credit for the significant amount of work involved.

The breadth of Hipp’s role at ACM is unique because it is one that would not normally be accomplished by a single individual. According to her colleagues, the fact that Hipp is involved in business plan strategy, brand development, marketing coaching, PR/communications, design, development, strategic industry identification and oversight of philanthropy, is a reflection of her exceptional ability and versatility.

“She has a unique knowledge of the firm’s history and growth and an exceptional understanding of how decisions affect other aspects of the business,” said her staff. “Brooke has been instrumental in contributing to the direction of ACM and the firm’s perception in the marketplace. She tirelessly champions for each member of the team and finds ways to continually spotlight ACM and its employees in the community and industries we serve.”

The true reflection of a marketing professional’s success can be measured by the growth of that individual’s employer, said Hipp’s colleagues. In the past five years, ACM has been recognized as the 3rd Fastest Growing Public Accounting Firm in the country and has gone from a Top 300 firm as ranked by Inside Public Accounting to number 140 as of 2019.

As part of the firm operations team and leader of marketing, PR and communications, Hipp’s role significantly contributes to the successes of the company. Clients, friends of the firm and other community businesses actively seek out Hipp’s guidance for their businesses and use her as a resource regarding marketing, branding, PR and communications.

Hipp is also sought after in the community, which is understandable, considering that she is described as a natural philanthropist. Hipp teaches the nine-week “Be Entrepreneurial” course for Junior Achievement, she is the immediate past chair of the board for Dress for Success and is now on the advisory board for A Precious Child, a nonprofit organization that assists children and families facing difficult life challenges such as abuse, neglect and poverty.

“I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved in our business community and in philanthropy,” said Hipp. “I believe that giving back and maintaining continuous involvement is how we make not just our own business, but the community as a whole better.”

For her commitment to the community and strategic approach as a Chief Marketing Officer, Hipp has earned a spot as a Titan of industry.

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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

— Walt Disney


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