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Barry Gleichenhaus


Colorado Roofing- CeDUR

Location: Aurora, CO

Founded: 2015

Industry: Roofing/Building Products

Barry Gleichenhaus is raising the roof, and he is having a great time doing it.

One of the original founders of CeDur, Gleichenhaus has played a critical role in growing his multi-million-dollar roofing and building supply business. Founded in 2015 and quickly rising to be an industry success, business is growing at 25% per year, and is currently at $8M. Gleichenhaus said that there was a demand and CeDur was able to fill that need.

“We had identified a unique roofing technology that produced a synthetic roof that was better looking than any other roof in the industry,” Gleichhenhaus said. “Our technology was, and is, so successful because it is hail and fire resistant.” He added, “Our product had been manufactured by a company in California from 2008 until 2011, but the production was stopped due to the housing downturn.”

Through hard work and strong leadership skills, Gleichenhaus has always been a crucial part of growing businesses into successful businesses. Prior to CeDUR, he was a Partner at Accenture. A relentless frontrunner in determination and leadership skills, Gleichenhaus and his two co-founders put together a business plan and then met with investors to raise the money to purchase the manufacturing equipment and move the plant from California to Denver.

“We completed the equipment purchase in February of 2105 and moved the equipment to Denver. We started production in July of 2015 and shipped our first roof,” Gleichenhaus said. He added that CeDur has continued to expand production capabilities in addition to adding to their market and sales force.

“This will also require us to consistently add capacity to be able to make more products. We are also looking at new products that take advantage of our unique technology.”

Now selling their product on a nationwide basis, CeDur counts on the company’s sales force and an aggressive online, Google SEO marketing approach. CeDur recently added a 2nd production shift to be able to keep up with continued sales demand. “Our product, along with the roofing contractor we worked with, was recently awarded 1st Place in the large projects category by the Colorado Roofing Association for the project we did at the Timbers in Bachelors Gulch and Beaver Creek,” Gleichenhaus said.

Looking back, Gleichenhaus is the first to acknowledge that starting a new company from scratch in a highly competitive industry takes passion, focus and drive.
“Building the brand and national sales model, and scaling production with a unique technology is something that drives me to hone my talents and be a great leader,” he said. “A big part of my role as a leader is to help my team and everyone I come in contact with to be successful.”

There is no doubt that CeDur, guided by Gleichenhaus, will continue to rise to the top of buildings, homes and businesses. It will be, indeed, an interesting and exciting climb for him and his team.

For his innovation and success in the roofing industry, Gleichenhaus has earned a spot as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Barry lived on the island of Borneo for several years and visited the headhunters.


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