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Amy Beckley 2

Amy Beckley

Founder & CEO

MFB Fertility

Location: Boulder, CO

Founded: 2016

Industry: Healthcare- Consumer Product

After her own battle with infertility that resulted in three years of infertility and seven total pregnancy losses, Amy Beckley discovered on her own that these tragedies were a result of a simple progesterone deficiency.

She found herself distraught in the fertility doctor’s office, where she was told that they could keep testing at a 5% chance or do IVF. After undergoing two rounds of IVF treatment at a cost of $40,000, Beckley successfully birthed her son.

“I decided I wanted one more child, but I just couldn’t go through the financial, emotional and physical stress of another IVF round,” said Beckley. “I started learning about the hormones involved in reproduction and tracked my own cycle.” These efforts led her to suspect she just had a progesterone deficiency.

“I went to my doctor and asked for a progesterone supplement,” said Beckley. “He told me that it wouldn’t work, but that it wouldn’t do much harm, so he prescribed it.” It only took a couple cycles for Beckley to become pregnant again. Her progesterone miracle is now six and thriving.

“It frustrated me to think that other women might suffer the long, hard road to diagnosis and treatment that I suffered,” she said. This frustration led Beckley to obtain her PhD in pharmacology, an MBA, launch MFB Fertility and invent Proov, an at-home progesterone test.

Beckley successfully launched the product via a crowdfunding campaign and sold $94,000 of product in the first year without any marketing or branding. Once she partnered with marketing and branding professionals, MFB Fertility grew more than 4 times its size in 2019.

“While our first product is focused on the fertility industry, progesterone has a huge impact on women’s wellness in general,” said Beckley. “In the next five years, Proov will become the standard in hormone monitoring and wellness for women regardless of their stage of life – from the fertile years to menopause to puberty.”

The product, the company and Beckley have been honored for innovation with the Startup of the Year award at SXSW, Best Mom Invention honor by Parents Magazine and a Best of BabyTech finalist. Beckley has also published articles with Forbes, Parents, Scary Mommy, Bustle, US Weekly and InTouch. Most recently, Proov received official FDA clearance.

For Beckley, staying innovative in women’s health is her primary goal, but she is also committed to fostering her staff by leading by example. “To be a true leader, you must get to know each individual and bring out their unique skills,” said Beckley. “Taking a one-size-fits-all approach is failure waiting to happen.”

For her perseverance, and pioneering innovation in the fertility industry Beckley has earned a spot as a Titan 100.

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