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Rodrigo Sanchez- El Tequileno Family Mex

Rodrigo Sanchez


El Tequileno Family Mexican Restaurant


Golden, CO

Founded: 2003

Industry: Food Services

After launching a family business with little money and only his wife to support him, Rodrigo Sanchez worked 15 to 16 hours, seven days a week for the first three years El Tequileno Family Mexican Restaurant was open.


“I didn’t see any returns, but I had food every day,” he said. 


After two years, though, his business finally gained attention and started to be profitable. Ultimately, Sanchez was able to boost his advertising budget and open two additional locations in 2006. He made a name for himself, but he didn’t forget his humble beginnings and gave back by helping others in his community.


“I helped others open and start up their own restaurants,” said Sanchez. “Now, after 18 years as a restaurant owner, I can say I’m an established serial entrepreneur. I thought that after time I would work less, but I am now working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”


The success of his restaurants stems from the quality he demands and delivers. “People can taste the quality because I use the best food products available,” said Sanchez. Customer service is also a top priority, as Sanchez requires that each customer receives chips and salsa within 20 seconds of being seated.


“Basically, what I feel that makes me stand out from others is attention to the little details that people love and appreciate, which is good food and excellent, fast, customer service,” he said.


While working to continuously improve the quality and customer service of his restaurants and his peers’ restaurants, Sanchez has become an acknowledged contributing member of his community. He routinely provides funding, gift certificates and food donations to churches, schools, first responders and research organizations. His work has been recognized by both Latin and Hispanic awards in the Denver area and through appearances at local political events.


Eighteen years later, with four successful restaurant locations, Sanchez still works just as hard as he did back in 2003 when he opened El Tequileno Family Mexican Restaurant.


“I have a vision of a more successful future,” he said, “Sales and profits have been increasing more and more each year.”


He plans to continue this success by focusing on what he is doing to provide high-quality food and service to his loyal customers. “I believe that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” said Sanchez. Due to his strong work ethic, business mentoring and his willingness to give back to a community who supports him and his restaurants, Sanchez has been named a Titan of industry.

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Rodrigo loves outdoor activities including: hiking, mountain biking, and fighting mountain lions... And he also likes to consider myself a funny guy!

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