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Thad Eby

Chief Executive Officer

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2011
Industry: SaaS Sales Enablement Software

Thad Eby’s vision for Ombud, a technology and software firm, was to create information transparency in business relationships. As the founder and CEO, he has created a company that will have an enormous impact for years to come with a new category of software built upon legacy architectures.

“Thad’s leadership by example shows how responsible software companies can successfully bootstrap their growth and provide sustainable results for the company and the community,” said his staff. “Thad has been a critical part of market-defining software startups in Boston, Silicon Valley and London prior to founding Ombud in Colorado.”

Eby’s vision is to create an entire ecosystem around Ombud while contributing to the broader software community in a new market. “To develop long-term value, Ombud requires a team focused on the big picture vs. the next shiny object covered in TechCrunch,” said Eby. “We have found the tech workforce in Colorado to be driven by the quality of life, meaningful experiences and the appeal of building a solution that provides value.”

Under Eby’s leadership, the firm has also invested heavily in the open-source community to ensure the company is adopting best practices while participating in cutting-edge developments and research. That’s why Eby is a member of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado, an organization that focuses on building the scale-up ecosystem. He also initiated the Colorado Startup Brews Association, an organization that rallies the local startup scene to raise money for charitable causes.

The CEO's efforts have led to Ombud’s recognition as a 2017 Colorado Company to Watch. Eby believes that it’s necessary, as a leader, to expect and plan for change to ensure growth. “Change is necessary for any organization to grow,” he said. “If you detect change is not happening, create it.”

Eby also said that fostering a team that is in sync is a key element of leadership. “When the organization’s culture, communications and teams carry on in sync without you, that is success,” he said.

As the CEO, Eby encourages his staff to find great mentors. “Mentors can come in all sorts and some may surprise you,” he said. “Look for where you can learn from those around you and seek new experiences.”

For embracing change and fostering collaboration and learning experiences within his team at Ombud, Eby has been named a Titan of industry.

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"Change is necessary for any organization to grow. If you detect change is not happening, create it."