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Sarnen Steinbarth

Founder / CEO

Fort Collins, CO
Real Estate Tech / Software

Sarnen Steinbarth bought his first property when he was 19 and by the time he was 22, he owned a 29-unit building. As a landlord for most of his adult life, he saw the challenges in the rental industry that were preventing independent landlords from moving their process online and scaling their business. He set out to find solutions.

What resulted was the creation of TurboTenant, a property and rental management software company with a mission to empower independent landlords to create welcoming rental experiences through positive interactions with their tenants. The software empowers by helping landlords build their internal team and access educational materials and reporting on rental trends.

During 2020, Steinbarth recognized the challenges and understood that it was a necessity for landlords to be able to conduct business, uninterrupted, all online and virtually, which led to expanding the software to feature virtual tour uploading capabilities, maintenance requests and online rent payments.

Steinbarth was behind these changes. “Sarnen has a true entrepreneurial spirit,” said his staff. “He is a problem solver and innovator. He was the independent landlord who didn’t have a solution, so he decided he would build it himself.”

He launched the company from home with his wife in 2015 and now six years later, he employs 30 full-time employees both locally, nationally, and internationally with headquarters in Fort Collins.

“He has succeeded in building a company where people love what they do and are top performers in their field,” said his employees. “Sarnen also keeps a very real pulse on the needs of his core audience, the independent landlord.”

These efforts have led TurboTenant to experience a growth rate of 578% and recognition as one of the fastest growing private companies in 2020. “This past year with COVID has been unprecedented in all business markets. Our key to success was adapting our process, but staying true to our product,” said Steinbarth. “We remained committed to our mission and confident of our success.”

As a leader, Steinbarth said combining value and a high-end experience for TurboTenant clients is the top priority, but recognizing dedicated employees is equally important. He has a passion to seek out solutions for property owners and is willing to take risks for the success of his company.

“When in doubt, go for it,” he said. “There will always be a reason to wait or delay, but when you feel passionate about what you are doing, what you’re are building, don’t let the opposing reasons stop you from moving forward.”

For his willingness to move forward and empower his clients and staff, Steinbarth has been named a Titan of industry.

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Sarnen is a licensed multi-engine commercial pilot and former FAA air traffic control specialist.