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Lindsey Reevie

Executive Vice President, Operations
Baceline Group

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2003
Industry: Commercial Real Estate Investment & Management

As a leader, Lindsey Reevie adopts the core focus that Baceline Group should invest in communities by investing in people at the company. As the Executive Vice President of Operations, she believes that for the company to be successful, it needs to have employees who buy into its core values.

That’s why when the people she supervises feel overloaded with work, Reevie doesn’t hesitate to roll up her sleeves and contribute. “She spends the energy necessary to help her team through difficult circumstances, even if it means using her time to do entry-level tasks,” said her colleagues. “She takes an all-hands-on-deck approach to accomplishing large projects and objectives when necessary.”

Reevie has taken this approach since she began as the Director of Investor Relations in 2009 at Baceline Group, a premier private real estate investment and property management company in Denver. This approach led to her transition to one of the six partners of the company in 2018 and eventually the role of Executive Vice President of Operations where she oversees investor relations, people development, human resources, information technology, marketing and public relationships and property and tenant services.

In her current leadership position, Reevie continues to identify opportunities to enhance the corporate culture which starts and ends with its people. “Baceline has already seen a significant boost in morale and productivity by hiring and retaining employees who believe in and exhibit the company’s core values,” said Reevie.

According to her colleagues, Reevie has been integral in creating and nurturing Baceline Group’s corporate culture. “She firmly believes that there should be something for everyone at Baceline.” That’s why she has created employee-led committees to empower individuals to take part in causes they are passionate about, such as wellness and philanthropy, and continues to put company funding behind committee initiatives.

Reevie said that she is becoming a confident leader with the help of people around her who believe in her and see her potential. “I lead with as much transparency as possible and more communication than I think is necessary,” she said. “When my teammates follow me into battle without a moment of hesitation or a single explanation, you know you’re doing something right.”

She said it is crucial to elevate and trust your team. “Push them to the front and let them shine,” said Reevie. For her ability to lead by example and empower professionals in the commercial real estate industry, Reevie has been named a Titan of industry.

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Honoree quote

"I lead with as much transparency as possible and more communication than I think is necessary."

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