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Larry Fiore Jr

Fiore & Sons, Inc.

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 1959
Industry: Civil Construction

When Larry Fiore Jr.’s grandfather Ed launched Fiore & Sons, Inc. in 1959, some called him foolish while others called him brave. The founder of the company’s determination, though, served as an example for his son and his grandson, Larry Fiore Jr., who became an integral part of the company at the age of 12. As the president of Fiore & Sons, Inc. since 2013, Larry Fiore Jr., known as Butch, is no stranger to hard work.

As a teenager, he balanced schoolwork and athletics with learning the civil construction trade. Carrying the torch of his father and grandfather, Fiore, now a third-generation family owner, brings with him the same work ethic, values and culture. His colleagues say that “Butch still exemplifies and clearly understands the magnitude of importance to his organization.”

What makes Fiore stand out as a leader is his allegiance to client services and a culture of excellence for all Fiore & Sons, Inc. employees. In fact, his employees assert that “through his leadership and vision, Butch has fostered growth to over 340 employees and ownership as one of the largest heavy equipment fleets in the state of Colorado.”

Emulating the same daring and brave approach to business as his grandfather and father, Butch knows his vision, doggedness, dedication and perseverance will sustain the legacy that is still today known as Fiore & Sons, Inc.

“It’s always been our goal to be the absolute best at what we do. Never has it been to be the biggest,” said Fiore. In order to be the best, Fiore has created five key initiatives for success that include enhancing the company’s footprint, leadership, community, client and team experiences.

Fiore has taken on the challenge of increasing leadership in the construction industry to a new level and focuses on all levels of the organization. He has implemented several programs that are growing organically, and he stresses the impact of communication. He is an active participant in FMI Peer Groups for construction industry leaders who collaborate on proven success strategies.

Fiore has embraced technology to improve employee and industry communication and spearheaded the design and implementation of a new internal, employee-only app for cell phones to support all aspects of the company, including human resource notices, upcoming events, alerts, surveys and ideas.

Fiore is no stranger to recognition as a leader. Fiore & Sons, Inc. has been named one of the Best Places to Work by the Denver Business Journal, alongside numerous safety awards and leadership awards. To add to his list of honors, Fiore has been named a Titan of industry.

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For years, the Fiore family lived less than a mile from the Hostess Bakery (Wonder Bread) on East 62nd Street in Denver. Butch, age 10 and his older brother Tony, age 12 would ride their bicycles to the Wonder Bread Bakery to buy bread for their family. Little did Butch and Tony know that some 45 years later, Fiore & Sons, Inc. would call the Hostess Bakery their corporate home.

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