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Brian Capstick

Baceline Group

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2003
Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Brian Capstick is focused, adaptable, and confident.

He is also the first to acknowledge that transformative change is not easy.

A stellar leader in the Commercial Real Estate industry and President of Baceline Group, Capstick concentrates his business efforts on the core focus of Baceline Group: investing in communities.

Capstick is adaptable.

Integral in implementing the Entrepreneurial Operation System (EOS) throughout the entire Baceline Group, Capstick is responsible for setting Baceline’s overall strategic objectives. Capstick wears many hats when working closely with the Senior Management Team to facilitate the seamless coordination between the company’s various departments including: Real Estate; Capital Development; Accounting & Finance; People Development; Property Management; Asset Management; Leasing; and Tenant Services. Additionally, he represents the Senior Management Team on the Board of Directors. Capstick’s collaborative management approach is well-suited to ensure that Baceline Group operates as an efficient, forward-thinking organization.

Capstick has goals.

He endeavors to have $1B assets under management in its core income fund by 2025, effectively doubling the size of the business. To accomplish this, Brian and the Senior Management Team have adopted the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to set goals, track progress, and measure success in a proactive, systematic approach. Goals at every level are aligned in some way to achieve progress towards our 5-year target, as Baseline Group continues the institutionalization of the organization by making investments in operational efficiencies, brand awareness, and corporate culture in addition to growing its core income fund asset base.

Capstick values his employees. And they value him.

In addition to portfolio growth, the company will continue to identify opportunities to enhance Baceline’s corporate culture which starts and ends with its people. Referred to as an organic, confident, open-minded leader who teaches by example, Capstick is someone that people genuinely want to be around and learn from. He puts trust in employees at all levels and empowers individuals to do their best work by providing opportunities and resources. He is quick to recognize the efforts of his team and celebrates the success of others openly and encourages open and honest dialogue across all departments.

“Baceline has already seen a significant boost in morale and productivity by hiring and retaining employees who believe in and exhibit the company’s core values,” he said. Baceline’s next level of focus relating to its people will be to identify and develop future leaders within the organization. “As the company continues to grow in size, it is critical that the people continue to grow and develop with it.”

Capstick is compassionate.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he recognized the importance of working with tenants who were unable to pay rent. While it was important for Baceline to collect rent so the company could maintain its neighborhood shopping centers, the goal was long-term health for the centers and the businesses that call the centers home. When a tenant needed assistance during hardship, Capstick and his team focused on forming long-term plans that worked for both the tenant and the company. Baceline is seeing more renewals and new lease signings as a result.

Capstick is real.

“I measure success as a leader when I see new leaders taking charge. Delegating and elevating others is so hard for most leaders,” Capstick said. “Dynamic leaders realize that the game will change multiple times throughout their career and that they must adapt to the way people want to be lead. Leaders can’t expect their people to adapt if they are unwilling to do so themselves.”

He added that success is when the next group of leaders is not only making important decisions, but also contributing to the overall vision of the organization. Capstick believes that it takes constant and consistent communication to get people to want to believe and live in the new world.

“It is so hard but building a fully integrated and growing organization is not possible without transformative change and very few employees can see the vision on day one,” Capstick said. He added, “Sometimes I want to give up, but at the end of the day, it is absolutely worth it!”

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"Leaders can't expect their people to adapt if they are unwilling to do so themselves."