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Barbara Myrick

B&M Construction, Inc.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Founded: 2005
Industry: General Contractor-Construction-Electrical

Integrity. Excellence. Innovation. Trust. Teamwork.
These are the five core value pillars Barbara Myrick has built her world on.

Myrick, President/CEO of B&M Construction, a construction, electrical, furniture design and procurement company, has always recognized the need for more in communities. A young girl growing up as one of 13 siblings, she always understood and appreciated education and the value of making the best out of what may be an impossible situation. After running a daycare facility for 18 years, Myrick decided it was time to switch gears in business. She ventured into the world of learning government contracting.

“Always having an entrepreneurial spirit, I took the vision of my father and opened a construction company,” Myrick said.

She began to construct a legacy.

An African American woman in a male dominated industry, she learned and maneuvered the government systems very quickly. This ultimately led to an abundance of government contracts including the renovation of the US Air Force Academy Cadet Gym, and the US Fish and Wildlife Rocky Mountain Arsenal Visitor Center. She has formed numerous teams across the US and is a firm believer of promoting from within.

No matter the obstacle that she is faced with, Myrick believes that with hard work, passion, dedication and putting faith first, anything is possible. It is with that attitude that the future of B&M Construction will have endless opportunities.

“We have started many new ventures which take a tremendous amount of time to get organized and with the right leadership team,” she said. “I take pride in doing the right thing for our people, company, and customers even if it impacts our business. We have had to make a few course corrections to our plan, but we are on the right trajectory for growth.”

As a business owner and respected leader, Myrick said she feels most accomplished at leading a community-based organization that encourages other female business owners to thrive. Her most proud and most recent award that she was selected for was the IBM Enterprising Woman award which recognizes outstanding innovation of women in their industries.

Myrick said in order to lead through change, you must embrace the challenges, run to them, and not away from them.

“Being intentional with strategy and decisions that move you to the future and out of the now. Remembering your accomplishments that sponsored success and utilize that same tenacity to move forward,” she said. She added that reviewing your strategic plan by cutting out the old and finding the new is essential.

“Believe the impossible is possible, and walk out your faith,” she said.

And Myrick walks forward with pride, optimism and confidence. Aiming to grow to $100 million in revenue, she would like to venture deeper into the electrical world of data centers and solar power and aspires to become a national small business manufacturer in furniture. Still, Myrick keeps community at the center of her focus and measures her leadership by the lives that she can impact through serving.

“Servanthood in the lives of family, employees and community is my foundation,” she said. She added that being the example that hard work does payoff by setting goals and continuous learning is key.

“You see in the end it is not what I have accomplished as a leader but the lives and communities that are impacted while I am leading.”

Myrick shared her advice for the next generation.

“Always stay focused and true to yourself, surround yourself with individuals that will speak the truth to you, and do not surround yourself with individuals that agree with you all the time.” She added, “Have people that question your vision and motives, because this will assist in leadership growth.”

Myrick said to always remember that hard work does pay off and impacting the lives and communities in which we live is so rewarding.

“You see at the end of your journey wealth is great but looking back on the lives you changed is even greater,” she said.

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Barbara is an animal lover. She recently started a farm which includes 2 german shepards, 8 goats, 13 chickens, 1 rooster, 3 bee hives and a green house!