R. Shawn Neville

Chief Executive Officer 

BOA Technology


Denver, CO

Founded: 2001

Industry: Outdoor & Athletic    Industries

With 30 years of experience in consumer goods, the athletic industry and information technology, Shawn Neville was ready to take on a new challenge. Since he was named the president and CEO of BOA Technology in 2017, Neville has almost doubled the growth rate.

Over the last 19 years BOA has evolved into a global leader of performance fit systems in multiple industry segments including; Snowboarding, Cycling, Outdoor-Mountaineering/Hiking/ Trail, Athletic-Golf/ Run/Court, Workwear, and Medical/Consumer Bracing that is used in geographies spanning 42 countries worldwide.


His success as the CEO is not surprising to most, but Neville views his influence as ordinary business. “I do not have a specific plan to be influential in my industry other than to set a good example and be a steward of the environment, employees, customers, suppliers, community and shareholders,” said Neville.


With Neville in charge, BOA Technology has built a powerful new consumer brand position with a ‘dialed in’ mindset. The firm has also adopted accelerated innovation in both their systems and end consumer products while launching and achieving meaningful progress in their sustainability journey.


“We’ve created a market leading scientifically based and proven Human Performance Fit Lab with deep collaboration with the University of Denver,” said Neville. “Further, the organizational metrics of satisfaction, engagement and belief in our future are at all-time highs.”


The success of the company, with Neville leading the way, is in part due to the firm’s updated mission that dubs the team as passionate pioneers who create disruptive, innovative, high-quality products and solutions that transform fit and performance.


“We have set very clear five-year business goals and a roadmap, which are holistic in ensuring that all of our constituents thrive together,” said Neville. “We are still early in our journey and have many new summits to climb and others to sustain and nurture.”


Neville has sustained and nurtured organizations well before BOA Technology. He served as a CEO for over 20 years, has been active as a State Board Member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Colorado and volunteers with Colorado 14ers, Chill, POW and the Tiny Home Project. Neville has been recognized for a number of awards, including the Trendsetter of the Year in the Athletic Retail Industry and the Marketer of the Year globally for the Footwear industry. He was also honored as the Leader of the Year and Turnaround of the Year at Avery Dennison.


Neville describes his leadership style as one that revolves around respect and understanding. “Always understand and respect the dreams, expectations and concerns of all stakeholders, starting first with employees,” he said.


For his leadership and influence within the industry, Neville has earned a spot as a Titan of industry.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it! 

- Abraham Lincoln

Shawn is a mediocre but passionate musician and athlete…. And he has lived in many places in his life starting in Canada, growing up in Hawaii, attending Denver University for his Bachelor degree and many other places including Paris, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Southern California, Northern California, Arizona, and now Colorado (for good I hope!) I love it here as does my wife and family! … I have three grown children whom I adore and who live in the NE and SE and an incredible extended family. I am a very fortunate and grateful person.

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