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This book is a collection of stories and inspiration from Philadelphia's Titans of industry. Their journey to success was not always easy, but the one constant that remained was their desire and passion to never give up. When asked about their greatest leadership lessons learned, many of them spoke of an extraordinary thirst to learn and to surround themselves with the brightest and best talent. They lead from the front in times of challenge and sit in the shadows of times of success so their employees can bask in the limelight. They believe that authentic leadership begins with humility and that listening is one of the most important traits a leader can possess.


In the pages that follow, we hope that you will be inspired by their stories, motivated by their tenacity, and influenced by their leadership. These Philadelphia business leaders are role models in our community, and we are honored to publish them in this collection.

Click the book image to view the full 2022 digital book edition.

2022 Philadelphia Titan 100 Cover.png
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