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Lisa Miller- CenturyLink

Lisa Kay Miller

President & COO

Spearhead Advisors, Inc.


Denver, CO

Industry: Information Technology

Lisa Miller believes in her past, present and future.  She believes the events that have taken place have gotten her to where she currently is and what she is moving towards.  She believes that giving back is as important as receiving and in the success that can be achieved with the power of a dedicated team. Miller believes in honesty, no matter what, but most importantly, Miller believes in herself.


Born and raised in a small town in Iowa, Miller grew and thrived in a family of confident, driven people.  Learning the power of a customer-first mentality and importance of a strong work ethic, there is no denying that she has the characteristics of a true industry titan.  And Miller will be the first one to tell you that she believes finding these values early on set the foundation for her life and future industry success.


“I have learned that being realistic, authentic and transparent are important elements to meeting your goals,” Miller shared.  “I have strived to show my teams that they are capable of extraordinary results, which many times they cannot envision achieving.” 


And those who know Miller will attest that leadership comes naturally to her. 


Miller, President of CenturyLink’s $7 billion Wholesale, Indirect and Small and Medium Business Units, is responsible for driving profitable revenue growth through multiple business units and building strategic partnerships that enhance the position of the company as an industry leader. 

With nearly 30 years in the industry, Miller’s commitment to excellence, competitive nature and intense focus on the customer have enabled her to rise in the ranks, leading global and national organizations. Miller said that while promoting herself professionally, it is equally as important to balance personal goals with helping others.


“No matter how busy my schedule, I make a point to invest time and energy to provide guidance, coaching, support and mentorship to women at various stages of their personal and professional development,”  Miller said. 

And with great pride, she stays true to her word.  Miller has built a vast network within the tech industry by being an authentic thought leader and a champion for diversity in business. Serving as a mentor, Miller serves on the board for the Alliance of Channel Women and serves as an executive for CenturyLink’s Mentoring Rings.  Under Miller’s guidance, the CenturyLink Channel Partner Program earned the prestigious 2019 CRN Partner Program Guide 5-Star Rating and in  both 2018 and 2019 Miller was recognized as one of CRN magazine's Women of the Channel, and was named to CRN’s Power 100 list honoring women leaders.  In 2018, Miller earned the Alliance of Channel Women LEAD Award for her leadership and influence in the Indirect Channel industry and earned the 2019 Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards Shortlist as a Disruptor for Outstanding Achievement.  There is no doubt that Miller’s list of achievements and recognitions will continue to grow, professionally as an executive and also as a mentor. 

“I believe that providing my honest feedback to colleagues about where they are at and where they can grow is a gift that allows them to develop and reach the next steps in their roles and careers,” Miller said.  “I always strive to stretch my team because I believe in them.”


For her powerful mindset, strong work ethic and leadership, Lisa has been named a Titan 100.

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"You will face many defeats in life,

but never let yourself

be defeated“

-Maya Angelou


usually comes to those who are too busy

to be looking for it"

-Henry David Thoreau.

Greatest Leadership Lesson:


During my career, I have learned the importance of being realistic, authentic and transparent. I believe that providing my honest feedback to colleagues about where they are at and where they can grow is a gift that allows them to develop and reach the next steps in their roles and careers. 

Lisa is most proud of her five grandchildren (with one on the way!) She enjoys spending as much time as possible with her grandchildren, four daughters and husband. She feels maintaining a healthy balance of work and family time is key to productivity, happiness and success. Her passion for mentoring began as she helped her four daughters develop into strong, determined women.

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