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Jamie Lackey Helping Mamas, Inc

Jamie Lackey

Founder & CEO

Helping Mamas Inc.

Location: Norcross

Founded: 2014

Industry: Nonprofit

As a social worker, Jamie Lackey saw a gap in services. There was no coordinated effort to collect and distribute essential baby items or period products to women and children in need. She knew something needed to be done so she founded Helping Mamas out of her garage, collecting baby supplies from friends and family members and then distributing them to social workers serving women and children.

Helping Mamas is a nonprofit dedicated to providing essential baby items and period products to those who need it the most. Helping Mamas elevates the well-being and dignity of women and harnesses the power of community support so that all families can thrive. The organization partners with over 150 social service organizations, hospitals, health departments and schools to distribute these items to make sure no family has to choose between diapers and food again.

One year after founding Helping Mamas, Lackey and the organization were awarded the Spark Prize by United Way of Atlanta for the most innovative approach to fighting poverty. By 2018, the nonprofit grew into a 9,000 square-foot building and has served nearly 60,000 children a year.

“What makes Jamie a titan in the nonprofit industry is her ability to think creatively about the problems facing families today,” said her staff. “Jamie understands that traditional methods don’t always produce results and she looks for new ways to reach those that are in need in our communities.”

Under Lackey’s leadership, Helping Mamas was awarded the 2020 Braves Community Hero Award and Lackey was recognized as an Atlanta Woman Making a Mark. Additional recognition includes the Gwinnet Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Organization award and named as a 2023 Greater Good and Outstanding Organization Finalist.

“I believe some of the most important attributes of successful leaders is not being afraid to try something new and fail,” said Lackey. “Failure is where you learn and grow; so many leaders miss out on important opportunities for growth because they are afraid to fail.”

While Lackey notes that it was a risk to quit her job at a well-respected organization to start Helping Mamas, she knew the rewards to the community would be well worth the risk. “I believed so strongly that Helping Mamas had the opportunity to really be a force in impacting childhood poverty, to truly give families access to the basic needs they required to thrive,” she said. “From donors to recipients to volunteers and staff, everyone should be listened to and heard; in those moments of being present with people, real change happens.”

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My team tells me that I have a unique ability to meet people where they are at. From donors, to recipients, to volunteers, to staff, I believe everyone should be listened to and heard. And in those moments of being present with people, real change happens.


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