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Hugh Massie Dna Behavior

Hugh Massie

Founder & Executive Chairman

DNA Behavior

Location: Alpharetta

Founded: 2001

Industry: Technology

In September 1999, Hugh Massie was asked what he was most passionate about by a friend at breakfast. His immediate response from the subconscious mind was he wanted to self-empower people globally to be happy, successful and healthy for longer. Stunned by the pinpointed nature of the response, Massie knew there was something powerful in his statement and he spent the next 18 months in heavy reflection working out how he would bring that passion to reality.

With his background as a logical reformed accountant, wealth manager and entrepreneurial business leader, Massie looked for a solution that uncovered the hard-wired patterns of natural DNA behavior that drove decisions. This vision resulted in the founding of DNA Behavior.

DNA Behavior was established in 2001 as a B2B behavioral sciences technology business and is widely known as the “Behavior and Money Insights” company. The firm helps exceptional growth minded leaders build a people-centric organization so they can make quantum leaps to increase their organization’s energy for unleashing beyond exponential growth. The business has a high level of market acceptance with already over 2.5 million users, impacting 125 million+ behaviorally connected relationships.

“Hugh is highly respected in the BFSI/wealth management industry, being seen as a trailblazer in the emerging fields of behavioral economics and behavioral finance with his groundbreaking work on how people operate, live, interact, decide and relate to money,” said his colleagues. “He is well known for having changed the culture and process of wealth management to become client centered by being guided on the practice of understanding people before numbers.”

Massie has authored two books, “Financial DNA” and “Leadership Behavior DNA” with a third book, “Money Energy,” to be released in 2024. He is also an active mentor as the chairman and founder of the Boys Without Fathers nonprofit organization and a board member of Hope Performance Tennis, an organization that helps underprivileged children in Ghana learn to play tennis and gain community life experiences.

Ultimately, a leader is measured on the financial value they create for their company, said Massie, requiring the financial behavior style required to create wealth through product innovation and responsible fiscal management. “While financial behavior is a requirement for a leader, they must have the emotional intelligence skills to lead their team, build a strong culture and make informed decisions recognizing the needs of all stakeholders,” he said. “This requires character and courage to do the right thing, commitment to a vision, confidence in self, compassion for others and collaboration with the team.”

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