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Hollis Hart Stego, Inc

Hollis Hart

Chief Executive Officer - North America


Location: Kennesaw

Founded: 1993

Industry: Thermal Management

The past year has marked a pivotal journey in STEGO Inc.’s journey toward sustainable growth since CEO Hollis Hart was named a 2023 Titan 100. “Amidst the tumultuous and dynamic global landscape, our team has achieved what I consider to be a profound accomplishment in the pursuit of our overarching goal,” said Hart. “In the face of the lingering pandemic and unprecedented uncertainty, we’ve successfully propelled our company toward record growth in revenue, tripling our EBITDA over the past four years.”

STEGO Inc. provides thermal management solutions and an IIoT platform for mission critical applications across all industries. Under Hart’s leadership, the company has revolutionized sales generation, upheld financial discipline in a high capital cost environment and spearheaded aggressive and pioneering digital marketing strategies.

Looking forward, Hart said the firm is focused on solidifying its presence in the energy storage and e-mobility fast charging markets and actively seeking new markets in the sustainable energy space.

“Amidst all these accomplishments, one of the key drivers has been the continuous investment in our team’s professional development,” said Hart. “This employee-centric approach stands at the heart of our success and embodies our commitment to sustainable growth while nurturing our greatest asset – our team.”

According to Hart, the firm has shifted from traditional end-of-the-year reviews to more frequent people-development touchpoints, holding regular discussions throughout the quarters and months based on evolving needs. “As leaders, our goal is to create an environment where our team members not only want to be but where they can truly thrive,” he said. “I’ve come to understand that nurturing a positive work environment through frequent touchpoints and prioritizing people’s development is essential to retaining talent and enabling our team to flourish.”

In addition, Hart’s focus has been cultivating the next generation of leaders. “We consistently invest in leadership coaching and actively seek unique venues outside the office to nurture the growth of aspiring titans,” he said. “Our efforts in fostering people development extend beyond the regular demands, focusing on generating positive energy moments within the community.”

The team at STEGO works closely with the American Heart Association on fundraising campaigns and has partnered with engineering schools at universities like UGA and Auburn. “Our aim is not only to provide mentorship and service work but also to measure impact by tracking the growth and progress of those we mentor, evaluating the success of fundraising campaigns and gauging the extent of our influence in the academic and professional spheres,” said Hart.

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