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William Foret

Chief Executive Officer
Spot Migration

Location: Cook County
Year Founded: 2013
Industry Group Specific: Information Technology & Cybersecurity

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When William Foret was young, he watched his dad build computers from home, watching intently. For his 16th birthday, he took every lawn mowing and random job to buy about $2,000 worth of computer parts for his first computer instead of a car like all the other kids. His passion for all things related to computers continued to thrive, ultimately leading him to launch Spot Migration with his wife in a 900 square foot facility several years later after working in the IT industry.

Spot Migration is a managed IT and cybersecurity services company focusing on creating peace of mind by making technology reliable.

“The first three years definitely were hard in terms of bootstrapping,” said Foret. “My wife didn’t know what a server was for the first two years of business and I didn’t know what marketing was at all.”

Foret’s efforts, though, led to success and he has revolutionized the concept of a managed IT department for growing companies, said his staff. “His adeptness at making high-level IT strategies accessible to small to mid-market organizations demonstrates his technical acumen and commitment to demonstrating advanced technologies,” they said. In addition, his experience with industry giants such as Walgreens, FDIC and Citadel provides him with a 360-degree understanding of scalable IT solutions.

He shares his vision and passion at prestigious platforms such as the Chicagoland Chamber, the 20 Vision Conference and AEC Round Tables, showing that he is a thought leader in his industry. Foret also hosts a podcast called Building Scale for the AEC space which has cracked the top 100 podcasts in the US for Entrepreneurship on Apple Podcasts.

“I’m engaged with many different communities, both entrepreneurial, educational, online and in-person,” said Forest. “There is a lot of great knowledge and experiences. Out there, however, I find my passion re-ignited when I’m able to find something from a completely different industry and either apply it or use it to shift my or my people’s perspective that takes us to the next level.”

His staff describes him as a cultivator of culture and human potential. “His company ethos – Be the best version of yourself – goes beyond being a tagline and reflects the empowering environment he fosters,” they said. “His mantras like ‘Trust but verify’ and ‘Be Prepared’ serve as guiding principles, shaping a workplace that is as rigorous in its technical pursuits as it is nurturing for its human capital.”

For his commitment to adopt a progressive leadership style and a holistic approach to business, Foret has been named a titan.

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