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Rinku A. Patel, PharmD

Chief Executive Officer

Location: DuPage County
Year Founded: 2018
Industry Group Specific: Healthcare - Pharmaceuticals

Presented by:

Before joining OptioRx as its CEO, Dr. Rinku Patel held several management positions at OptionCare, Caremark and Walgreens and was the founder and CEO of KloudScript, Inc., a specialty pharmacy software company acquired at the end of 2020.

“Dr. Patel has made a tremendous impact in the pharmacy industry due to her exceptional leadership skills, unwavering dedication to patients and vision where technology and healthcare intercept in new ways,” said her staff. “She is an industry veteran who understands the multi-faceted healthcare landscape, combined with her work in technology, can deliver innovative healthcare solutions consistently.

As CEO of OptioRx, Dr. Patel is focused on improving patient access, speed to therapy and providing high-touch comprehensive care through pharmacy services. OptioRx is a premier national pharmacy that focuses on providing best-in-class patient care through customized compounded medications to meet every patient’s clinical need. The company services patients nationally through a customer service hub and seven compounding fulfillment pharmacies strategically located to provide convenience and fast access to custom medications.

“At OptioRx, Dr. Patel is leading the integration and modernization of service models and developing technologies to support convenient access to customized medications to meet the unique needs of patients and animals,” said her staff. “Her entrepreneurial vision has propelled her to reinvent OptioRx and her unique ability to identify gaps, see opportunities where others don’t and develop strategic initiatives has revolutionized how compounding services are delivered.”

Under Patel’s leadership, the firm has created synergistic relationships that benefit patients and the industry and has defined a vision and strategy that can grow the business through integrating various companies acquired under OptioRx. “After being at the helm, we have created a collaborative culture between all of our pharmacists across the company, giving them the tools, an iterative approach to building and problem-solving and innovating new offerings quickly to the marketplace,” said Dr. Patel.

According to Dr. Patel, the human body is unique and how it reacts to different medications is unique. “Sometimes, commercially available medications cannot simply be administered as available to humans or animals, especially when patients have unique clinical needs,” she said. “We have taken up the challenge of bringing customized medication delivery through our digital platform to the doorsteps of America.”

Dr. Patel said she likes to put herself in the company of others solving problems and facing similar challenges. “They often have learnings from their experiences that become invaluable for me to learn from and apply to my own challenges.”

For her commitment to sharing her expertise and entrepreneurial spirit with the healthcare industry, Dr. Patel has been named a titan.

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Resiliency – I am confident and focused under pressure and can navigate a crisis with a positive mindset. Given the unique challenges I have faced as an Executive, it has allowed me to grow and bounce back from any type of setback!

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