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Greg Schementi


Location: Cook County
Year Founded: 1993
Industry Group Specific: Real Estate

Presented by:

Greg Schementi began his real estate career leading brokerage and business development at a tenant-only boutique real estate advisory firm. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, he ultimately ran the tenant representation practice at Cushman & Wakefield with a revenue of $1 billion with a 2,000+ staff.

From Cushman & Wakefield, Schementi joined Cresa as president to build upon the foundation of a tenant-only advisory firm and continue the company's growth into a unique and differentiated company in a crowded industry with little differentiation between competitors.

“Greg’s passion around growing Cresa comes from the firm’s commitment to dedicate all resources to one client type (the occupier),” said his colleagues.

Cresa, a real estate advisory and brokerage company, is the world’s leading occupier-centric commercial real estate firm with over 50 offices across North America and capabilities to serve clients globally through a partnership with Knight Frank. The firm has 1,075 employees working across six primary service lines: transaction management, workplace solutions, project management, lease administration, consulting and capital strategies.

“What distinguishes Greg as a titan in the commercial real estate industry is his unwavering commitment to building businesses that transform how work gets done inside the organizations he leads, while investing and growing the capabilities and capacity of the people inside these same organizations,” said his staff. “He has committed himself and the entire organization to a path that will meet this extraordinary moment in our industry’s history.”

Since joining Cresa, Schementi’s mission has been to ensure that every Cresa advisor has access to the resources, knowledge and expertise needed to excel in a rapidly evolving market. “His dedication to empowering his team with the tools they need is a testament to his leadership,” said his colleagues. “In the midst of the industry’s many challenges, Greg is building a one-of-a-kind firm that will push the sector forward while helping to enhance rewarding careers for his 1,000 colleagues at Cresa.”

Under Schementi’s leadership, brokerage revenue is up 13% YoY compared to industry competitors that are posting leasing revenue down 10-25% consistently across the board. Schementi lends his expertise to the industry as a frequent speaker and panelist at events.

In terms of his leadership style, Schementi said he wants to lead from the front. “I want to be in front of our clients so that I know what they need and how we are serving them,” he said. “I want to be in front of our advisors as they try to build solutions for prospects and clients and hear how they can be supported to build careers at Cresa.”

As a stand-out expert in the industry, Schementi has been named a titan.

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I am convinced that everyone can get better and am willing to meet them where they are to build a career at Cresa…. And be an example to them in real interactions. I think this philosophy can infect my directs and their directs so it can go deep into the company. If you are willing to work, I will do everything in my power to help you. If over time you prove to me that you don’t want to show up with your best and strive to get better, it doesn’t make you a bad person, but you need to work someplace else.

I think my superpower is that I have clarity around this idea and have seen extraordinary growth in people over my career that feed this belief, as well as seeing the impacts on company performance when people buy in to being better and committing to making people better.

What is Your Superpower?

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