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Essam Choudhary

Chief Information Officer
Perimeter Security Solutions

Location: Cook County
Year Founded: 1998
Industry Group Specific: Security Manufacturing

Presented by:

Essam Choudhary’s journey started when he committed to learning about the challenges faced in security on the front lines of disaster response and began working alongside those charged with security across Chicago. Learning about the impact it had on the people who protect, as well as the greater community, he helped develop software technology to be able to streamline, identify and access, leading to a Chicago Innovation Award.

He now brings his collaborative leadership style to Perimeter Security Solutions where he serves as the CIO. Perimeter Security Solutions is a security barrier manufacturer and breach expert. The company was founded to strengthen America’s security by building solutions that can withstand the toughest of attacks while still maintaining freedom of movement and comfort.

“In the vast expanse of the industry, there are those who shine brightly and then there are those who illuminate the path for others – Essam is undeniably the latter,” said his staff. “While he is deeply committed to nurturing and elevating his own team, his generosity doesn’t stop there. He pours an immense amount of energy into ensuring others find their own success.”

While rising up the ranks at Perimeter Security Solutions, Choudhary launched the nation’s first security incubator and innovation center on Chicago’s West side. He has also been recognized as a Top 25 Under 40 in Security and serves as the chair for NextGen in Security for the local Chicago chapter. “My involvement brought me in contact with a budding talent who, despite having a vision for the future, faced resistance,” said Choudhary. “Rather than seeing her energy dissipate, I took it upon myself to nurture her enthusiasm so she could find her voice and unlock her latent passion.”

Choudhary’s dedication to the community runs deep with his involvement with numerous boards from Critical Infrastructure for ASIS and Utilities and Standards committees to philanthropic endeavors like Disaster Response boards and initiatives to combat hunger in America.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, Choudhary said it is imperative to consistently rekindle one’s passion, ensuring that enthusiasm never wanes. “By actively placing myself in various departments within the business, I gain firsthand insights into the challenges faced by different teams,” he said. “This not only allows me to empathize with their predicaments but also spot the silver lining – the potential opportunities that these challenges present.”

According to his staff, Choudhary doesn’t just find solutions to pressing challenges; he creates an environment where everyone comes together, making problem solving not just simpler but also more inclusive. “His guidance has been a beacon for many solution providers and end-users, helping them navigate their way to success.”

For his success in the industry, Choudhary has been named a titan.

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