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Brian Goldberg

Founder & CEO
LG Group

Location: Cook County
Year Founded: 2006
Industry Group Specific: Real Estate Development & Construction

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Growing up, Brian Goldberg’s father had a workshop in the basement which included a vast array of tools that could work metal, plastic, wood and other materials. “Building furniture was his hobby, so like any admiring son, it quickly became my hobby as a child,” he said.

In high school, Goldberg started a summer maintenance and remodeling company and continued to work as a handyman through college. After working in finance, he realized it was not his future and moved back to Chicago to build his first spec home. LG Group was formed and has led to the development and construction of thousands of condominiums, apartments and various student housing projects nationally.

LG Group is a vertically integrated real estate company focusing on development, residential construction, commercial construction and interior design. The company has grown to 85 employees and approximately $120 million in gross revenues with a mission to provide quality products paired with the highest possible quality experience for the clients served and employees.

Under Goldberg’s leadership as the CEO and founder, the company weathered COVID without losing any employees while growing closer through implementation of digital communication. “We grew stronger through adversity and uncertainty,” said Goldberg. “We are stronger now and more diverse and we have more appetite for challenge.”

Goldberg said that the staff has realized the market has not behaved as expected and as a result, the company’s attitude toward challenge has been duly strengthened. “Now, we look forward to change, to adversity and to personal growth through determination and the will to keep learning, perhaps at a faster pace than ever before,” he said.

For Goldberg, real estate, construction and design are purely services just like any type of business consulting, accounting or even airlines. “We are all stewards of getting people from point A to point B and the only difference in the experience is how everyone, from the people who handle the bags, ticketing and the beverage service, are the ones who help justify the hard-earned money you hand over to get to your destination,” said Goldberg.

Getting to the destination has not prompted Goldberg and his team to deviate from the fundamental strategy – to develop and build high-end projects that delight clients and in turn, return profits for investors. Over the last 10 years, LG has expanded and now includes four distinct platforms with the goal to continue adding vertical divisions to create even more efficiencies.

For guiding his team toward growth while embracing adversity, Goldberg has been named a titan.

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