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Abha Agrawal, MD FACP FACHE

President & CEO
Lawrence General Hospital

Location: Cook County
Year Founded: 1875
Industry Group Specific: Healthcare

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Abha Agrawal views healthcare as a team sport. “As a leader, my role is to enable and support teams of passionate, intelligent, and committed healthcare professionals to foster the team spirit to achieve the highest outcomes for our patients,” said Agrawal.

This has served Agrawal well throughout their career while transforming the Humboldt Park Health Center since 2012 and now as the president and CEO at Lawrence General Hospital.

Lawrence General Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital providing quality medical care and related services to the people of the Greater Lawrence community. In the new role, Agrawal said their plan is to continue to focus on the 5 Es of Excellence: Enhance community and patient perceptions, Elevate health equity and DEI, Emerge as the regional provider and employer of choice, Establish financial sustainability and Enable innovation.

“We will strongly focus on eliminating health disparities and enhance equitable care for all patients through addressing social determinants of health in partnership with patients and families and the community,” said Agrawal. In addition, they said the plan is to address the nationwide concerns of burnout and stress among all healthcare professionals, including physicians and nurse.

Agrawal has an extensive background focusing on enhancing the healthcare industry. As the chief medical officer at Humboldt Park Health, they co-lead the turnaround and transformation of a struggling community hospital on the verge of closing its doors to a thriving healthcare delivery organization, advancing health equity as a model of success.

During this transformation, Agrawal’s focus was on improving the quality and safety for patients, ultimately earning a Top 10% performer in Patient Safety nationally. Agrawal lead the organization to improve financial performance and created an advanced state-of-the-art digital infrastructure by installing new enterprise-wide electronic health record at the hospital.

As a practicing physician and board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Clinical Informatics, Agrawal brings their extensive experience to Lawrence General Hospital, as well as experience in several leadership and clinical positions in large health systems.

Agrawal said this experience has allowed them to appreciate the role as a leader and a titan. “Serving fellow human beings in their hour of crises and suffering as patients is an extraordinary privilege and honor for me, both as a physician and a healthcare executive and I am truly grateful for this lifelong passion and opportunity,” said Agrawal.

For their dedication to the healthcare industry, Agrawal has been named a titan.

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