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Jason Barsema - Halo Investing, Inc -. 2024

Jason Barsema

Co-Founder & President

Halo Investing, Inc.

Location: Cook County

Founded: 2015

Industry: Financial Services- Technology

Growing up with an entrepreneurial father who was a prominent executive and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, Jason Barsema was raised to manage money. Post college, he joined the Private Bank of Credit Suisse, where he quickly ascended to become partner on one of its top private banking teams.

“The vision for Halo came early during my tenure at Credit Suisse, given I started my career just as the Great Financial Crisis was beginning,” said Barsema. “In 2008, I saw countless friends lose their jobs, and ultimately their savings got wiped out.”

Barsema thought to himself that there had to be a better way to protect these individual’s portfolios and he found one with an investment product called Structured Note, but it was a costly endeavor. “From my perspective, it was time to do something about it and Halo was born to be able to put impact before profits delivering these much-needed investment solutions of Structured Notes to investors of all wallet sizes – not just the privileged few,” he said.

Halo Investing is an award-winning technology marketplace for protective investment solutions, connecting investment product manufacturers to investors across four continents. Halo’s core mission is to expand financial literacy, equality and access around the world, partnering with over 40 of the globe’s leading financial institutions to deliver protective investing products to investors of all wallet sizes. As one of America’s leading FinTechs, the firm has raised over $100 million+ recently from top institutional investors while receiving a growing number of honors such as Fast Company’s Ten Most Innovative Companies of 2023.

The firm has been on an incredible growth trajectory starting at $65 million in transactions the first year to nearly $10 billion in gross product sales across four continents by 2023.

“Halo was built to change the world and solve some of the leading global issues we face as a society,” said Barsema. “Better investment solutions provide better investment outcomes and with better investment outcomes, individuals can now use their wealth to create a meaningful purpose in life.”

When he co-founded Halo, Barsema said he was truly driven by a mission to solve the world’s largest epidemic – the Savings Crisis. “Our passion to solve this critical problem has kept me, and will continue to keep me, ignited on our business,” he said. “When you are purpose driven, you will keep pushing until you solve the problem. And, when one problem is solved, Halo will move onto solve more such as food security, climate change, social equity and so on.”

For his commitment to solve critical problems and lead by example, Barsema has been named a titan.

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