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Timothy Kreilkamp

WB Holdings Inc

Location: Washington County, WI
Founded: 1935
Industry: Transportation, Agriculture, Storage.

Kreilkamp Trucking, Inc. is a fifth-generation trucking company that began operations in 1935 hauling cattle in Allenton, Wisconsin, and today has grown into an umbrella business that touches multiple industries under the name WB Holdings Inc. Under the stewardship of Timothy Kreilkamp, the business continues to evolve and branch into new avenues and revenue streams.

“I believe innovation is the secret to success,” Kreilkamp said. “It is important to continue to remake the company image to stay current with (the) times.”

Kreilkamp started with the family business in 1986 as a yard horse driver in Horicon, Wisconsin, and after a few years he envisioned expanding the Horicon fleet to make local deliveries within 100 miles. Eight trucks were added, and Kreilkamp became the terminal manager. In 1995, Kreilkamp was instrumental in starting up the company’s New Jersey terminal and also became operations manager of the Allenton terminal for the trucking business. In 1996, Kreilkamp purchased another Wisconsin-based trucking company and further expanded the company’s fleet. In 2006, the company purchased what is known today as Farmer’s Implement and Farmer’s Grain & Feed and added these businesses to its portfolio. WB Holdings Inc. was formed that same year to provide shared services for all the entities and Kreilkamp was named CEO, the role he holds today.

Under Kreilkamp’s leadership, the company added warehouses and trucking services on the West Coast in 2011 and started a new equipment rental business in 2016. Kreilkamp launched a brokerage company in 2018 called Kreilkamp North America Inc., and in 2022 the company partnered with Moraine Park Technical College to develop a truck driving school due to the need for drivers in the trucking industry. It also purchased a hotel to house the students.

Today, Kreilkamp Trucking Inc. is headquartered in Allenton, Wisconsin, with terminals in Horicon, Wisconsin; Edison, New Jersey; and Manteca, California, and it operates with 300 tractors and over 1,000 trailers. WB Warehousing & Logistics Inc. has nine locations in Wisconsin and two locations in California. Farmers Implement LLC has two stores in Wisconsin. Farmer’s Grain & Feed completed construction of a new mill in 2021 and is located in Wisconsin.

The company’s vision for the next five years includes expanding Kreilkamp Trucking’s fleet to 350 trucks and filling all open trucks with qualified drivers. It plans to update its truck fleet and rotate the trucks every five years and rotate its trailer fleet every seven years. The goal for WB Warehousing & Logistics includes increasing the warehousing business by 25% and reducing associate turnover rate by 50%. The business intends to triple the animal feed production at Farmer’s Grain & Feed and expand the Farmer’s Implement operation and increase sales by 25%. Kreilkamp North America aims to increase revenue to $10 million.

“The company’s success is truly driven by the leader,” Kreilkamp’s team said. “With Tim being present every day and active in all areas, he has led us to where we are today.”

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Honoree Fun fact

Tim gets up at 4am and works out every day during the week. He is also into restoring cars.

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