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Teresa Schell

Vive Marketing

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Founded: 2007
Industry: Manufacturing

Teresa Schell admits she was at a crossroads when she launched Vive Marketing, the company she owns and serves as president. She was exiting a divorce and had two young children counting on her.

“These times were the most stressful, dark, sad moments of my life, but I knew failure was not an option because I had two young children watching me and were dependent on my ability to navigate bleak life moments with perseverance that required a positive attitude and long working hours,” she said. “I certainly was out of my comfort zone and while I didn’t always embrace discomfort with grace, I faced obstacles that created learning moments.”

Vive provides B2B marketing services for manufacturing companies and service providers in the plastics and metals industry. “By developing strategic marketing and communication plans that complement customers’ sales efforts, Vive inspires manufacturers through the creation, revision and promotion of tailored brand identities,” the company said. “The goal? Produce results based on strategic initiatives that illustrate a distinct perception of our client’s brand.”

In 2007, Strategic Marketing Partners was founded and carved a niche in a sea of marketing companies by specializing in manufacturing companies. Schell worked for the company as its sole marketer for three years, and in 2012 she acquired the company, rebranding it as Vive in 2014. Today, the company has further narrowed its focus on plastics and metals manufacturers.

“Certainly, there are several great marketing agencies available, but when an agency focuses on a particular market segment, we become the known experts because we understand the manufacturing vernacular, the process, the network of professionals and we’re attending the same tradeshows and conferences as our manufacturing friends,” Schell said.

In the next five years, Vive is positioned for strong growth. Schell envisions pursuing a strong marketing push to promote the environmental efforts of plastics manufacturers and reminding people of the health and safety benefits of plastics in food packaging, medicine, water filtration and the automotive, electronics and defense industries.

“My entrepreneurial experience has equipped me with the confidence that I am capable of inspiring others,” Schell said. “I’ve inspired owners of manufacturing companies to believe in my communication techniques to market their brands effectively amongst competitors to grow their business. I’ve inspired young leaders to join the Vive squad to demonstrate their talents and grow professionally. I’ve inspired my colleagues to encourage unity in leadership groups that benefit the world around us. Lastly, I’ve inspired my children to do the best they can until they know better, and then when they know better, do better!”

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