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Jonathan Stocco

Chief Financial Officer
Catalyst Construction

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Founded: 2007
Industry: Construction

Jonathan Stocco sees parallels between his time on the crew team at Boston College and the business world, where he operates as chief financial officer of Catalyst Construction.

“The shared fate learned through rowing is like no other,” Stocco said. “No matter how strong or individually talented any one person may be, if the team does not pull together, the boat cannot succeed. My senior year at Boston College, I was captain of the varsity team and president of the club. That year, Boston College won the New England championship. I was humbled by the accomplishment, knowing that without the depth of roster and determination of each rower, that level of success would not have been achievable.

“Similarly, in the business world, I see day in and day out how my success is tied to the success of the folks I work with. Helping those around me achieve their goals allows me the opportunity to achieve mine. And recognizing when I need help and being able to rely on colleagues for that help is a critical part of great leadership.”

Stocco joined Catalyst Construction in 2016 to help bring structure and organization to the finance department, and he quickly implemented processes and procedures that allowed for sustainable growth, both in Wisconsin and beyond. Catalyst now has three locations: Milwaukee, Appleton and Watertown, South Dakota.

His experience in acquiring and selling companies positioned Stocco to help Catalyst form an ESOP and become 100% employee owned as of 2021.

Since joining the company in 2016, Stocco has facilitated expanding the reach of Catalyst Construction to four new states. In 2018, he helped negotiate a joint venture agreement to grow the commercial construction division of Catalyst Construction. Stocco also spearheaded several technology improvements, including a credit card rebate program and implementation of an automated subcontractor pay application submission process. He also helped grow the accounting, finance and human resource department from 2.5 full-time employees to six full-time employees.

Thanks in part to Stocco’s contributions, Catalyst projects it will grow 10% over the next 12 months, with sustained growth of 3% to 5% over the next five years. Catalyst also continues to look at growth in new markets and is reviewing opportunities in Arizona and Michigan.

“I plan to remain influential and an industry leader by staying focused on the growth opportunities available to Catalyst Construction and remaining active with professional and industry-related groups,” Stocco said. “I am currently a member of an MMAC CFO roundtable, and I am looking to join a network of CFOs for ESOP companies.”

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Jon is married to his wife Jane and is father of 5 kids. Jon grew up playing soccer and rowing competitively. Jon currently coaches soccer at the select level for his son and daughter.

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