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Ivan Shammas

President & General Manager

Atlanta & Raleigh Televisa Univision

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1962

Industry: Media

Ivan Shammas believes that as leaders, it’s essential to represent the company and stakeholders in the best way possible and to be a mentor to those looking to grow as well. “As a man who understands that I have been blessed in my life and career journey, it is up to me to pull others up as I have been pulled up,” said Shammas. “Servant leadership puts the team, the organization and employees first before any personal needs.”

Shammas exemplifies a servant leader as the President and General Manager of TelevisaUnivision, a career that was prompted when a cable advertiser was looking for someone bilingual in English and Spanish. Fluent in Spanish and of Venezuelan descent, Shammas received his first job offer in media advertising selling airtime on cable networks, and he was hooked. He was one of the first hires at the new Univision Atlanta TV station and ultimately worked his way up to top leadership.

TelevisaUnivision Communications Inc. entertains, informs and empowers U.S. Hispanics with news, sports, and entertainment across broadcast and cable television, audio, digital and streaming platforms. TelevisaUnivision Communications is the leading Spanish-Language media and content company in the U.S.

His colleagues describe Shammas as a bilingual and bicultural media executive experienced in leading premier Spanish-language television stations that provide award-winning local news and programming to the expansive Hispanic market. His staff describe him as a leader who treats others with respect.

“Leading with respect allows us as individuals to be better in all we do and even makes us a better person both professionally and personally,” said Shammas. “It is because of this high-level respect for all that I have been able to grow my career and my strong network. While always being true to who we are, we should aim to lead and treat everyone with respect.”

Shammas has also committed to serving the community. He has served as a diversity, equity and inclusion champion and advocate for the Latinx community. His commitment and involvement in various leadership capacities around the state of Georgia continue as he provides strategic insight, perspective and guidance for various organizations, including the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Shammas has been honored as one of Georgia’s 100 Most Influential People and was inducted into the Hall of Fame as one of the Most Influential Latinos in Georgia.

For his commitment to servant leadership and community involvement, Shammas has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Shammas and his wife have 3 children that they love to travel and spend time with. Being of Venezuelan decent, he has been able to parlay his passion for the Spanish language and culture to advance his career and further his philanthropic involvement.


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