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Heather Schlesinger

VP of Marketing

Edible Brands

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 1999

Industry: E-Commerce

As a lifelong learner, Heather Schlesinger said that the greatest leadership lesson she has learned is that everyone can help you learn something.

“As I look back at my career journey for the past 25+ years, the leadership learnings for me have been gained often through the experiences of others,” Schlesinger said. “Ask more questions and listen more closely because everyone has something to contribute and a difference in perspective can sometimes change how you see a situation.”

A commitment to learning has led to success for Schlesinger who has a long career of empowering brands to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Her passion has been to consistently deliver brand storytelling and marketing campaigns with the goal to understand the targeted consumer and help shape their commitment to the brand as never before.

After serving as the chief marketing officer for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Schlesinger has recently joined Edible Brands as the Vice President of Marketing.

Edible Brands is committed to creating a collection of fresh fruit creations that are perfect for every reason – from life’s milestones to the little occasions. The firm’s world-class retail shops and 24-hour e-commerce platforms help bring goodness to more people in more ways.

“When I joined Edible brands this past February, the first meeting I had with our CEO and Founder, Tariq Farid, his ask of me was to dream big,” said Schlesinger. “Dreaming big has always been a part of my DNA, whether it was for finding an innovative solution to solving hunger in our North Georgia community or developing creative marketing brand leadership for our amazing ecommerce gifting brand.”

Schlesinger said her goal is to continue to share her knowledge and lead by example to her team and to the new marketers that are joining the workforce.

According to her colleagues, what makes Schlesinger a Titan is her willingness and desire to make a change. “She is an innovative, award-winning marketing executive, a relentless brand builder, storyteller and spokesperson who passionately and precisely communicates with a wide range of audiences,” they said. “She has a proven ability to inspire, coach and lead through the conceptualization and execution of consistent, compelling and brand-right marketing strategies and deliverables that help build equity and drive profitable growth.”

Her influence is what drove the staff at the Atlanta Community Food Bank and what inspires her team at Edible Brands. For her commitment to innovation, Schlesinger has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

A fun fact about Heather is that she actually has a culinary degree and is a culinary scholar. She studied under Julia Child, a famous cook, for a year. When Heather was working at Krystal, she did a lot with culinary innovation, and developed their junkyard fry products, which brought in $2 billion.


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