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Honoree Headshot

Will Feldman

Garlic Media Group

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2009
Industry: Video Production and Marketing

*Second Year Honoree*

Being resilient and persistent has always been a part of Will Feldman’s character. This has aided him well as the CEO and Founder of the Garlic Media Group. “The downtime in 2020, gave the firm more time to push hard to become an approved vendor for recession and pandemic-proof companies while also becoming a global vendor for SAP,” he said.

His resilience paid off, as well as his ability to create a company culture that embraced collaboration. “This last year, I learned to trust those around me much more and create a vision and plan that we all wanted to drive full force toward,” said Feldman, a two-time Titan. “By trusting those around me, I learned we could efficiently accomplish a lot more. This has certainly helped the culture and I believe everyone feels like an essential part of the team.”

During the pandemic, Garlic Media Group lost 90% of revenue in 30 days. So, Feldman reacted by taking on the role as encourager, innovator, networker, and efficiency officer. “It was all hands-on deck and I think once I was able to bring stability and optimism to the team, they really excelled at finding better solutions and services,” said Feldman. “We needed to find stock solutions, convince clients we could still work during a shutdown and create different workflows.”

As a result, the company moved into more services focused around content implementation and a lot more edits than ever before. Feldman said he relied on communication and innovation while leading through change. “Empowering your staff and communicating with your clients to understand their needs during change helps to stabilize the environment of change,” he said.

As far as measuring success, Feldman said he only considers himself successful as a leader when things are working independently of his actions. “If I have set up my staff for success and leadership, then they should need very little from me on the day-to-day basis,” he said. “One of my indicators of success is when clients are referring other clients and giving unsolicited testimonials of our staff.”

Feldman said that as a leader, you must be a great communicator, innovator, and motivator. “You must ask the right questions and get the correct data to make the best decisions,” he said. “Always continue to learn, improve and be compassionate.”

For his commitment to fostering growth and learning, Feldman has been named a two-time Titan of industry.

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"Empowering your staff and communicating with your clients to understand their needs during change helps to stabilize the environment of change."

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