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Traci Lounsbury


Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2008
Industry: Commercial Built Environment

According to her colleagues, Traci Lounsbury was born with a competitive spirit and a drive to be the best at everything she does. The trait has served her well in life and business. “From working her way to the top of her academic classes and in athletics to growing three highly successful businesses, Traci has always pushed for excellence,” said her staff.

At 25, she launched JCL Commercial Interior Products and the company evolved into one of the largest manufacturers’ representative firms in the nation. She had her eye on the future and expanded the business when acquiring a small furniture dealership and added a manufactured construction studio. By 2016, her businesses evolved into elements, a 34,000-square foot showroom in Denver where clients come to understand the latest workplace research and trends and test-drive fully configured environments from multiple vendors and manufacturing partners that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the country.

As the CEO of elements, Lounsbury has broadened the company’s offerings that include an environmental graphic design firm. When the pandemic threw the workplace into chaos in 2020, Lounsbury and her team were able to bring research-backed insights to the market to help their clients understand their options and chart a path forward.

“Traci’s firm belief in a relentless incrementalism means taking small steps to improve and grow every day,” said her staff. “elements started out as a commercial furniture dealership, and it could have remained a transactional business, but Traci recognized that the workforce was changing, and with it, the expectations for the work environment.”

Lounsbury’s goal was to add greater value to the project team and to her clients. She recognized that the modern workplace needs to be adaptable, support different types of collaboration and work styles and change with the business. Primarily, though, she recognized that it needs to empower and inspire the organization’s most valuable asset – its people.

“Traci redefined and grew the firm’s business model, combining interiors expertise with construction capability and the collaborative, cross-functional process of human-centered design,” said her staff. “This holistic approach to the built environment creates a seamless experience and exceptional results for clients.”

It’s her enthusiasm for the business, her agility in expanding its capabilities and the empowerment of her team members that has created a culture of constant improvement at elements, said her employees. “Every individual has a clear picture of how their work meaningfully contributes to their professional growth and the success of clients and the business.”

For her commitment to empower her staff while propelling elements into the future, Lounsbury has been named a Titan of industry.

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Traci is an avid snowboarder, but one of her favorite adventures was her foray into heli-snowboarding in which she was dropped off on a mountain by helicopter and snowboarded down. The experience was a testament to her attitude toward conquering any challenge put before her and pushing herself to be her best.

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