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Stanley Kennedy Jr

Chief Architect
Oakman Aerospace, a Redwire Company

Location: Littleton, CO
Founded: 2012
Industry: Aerospace

According to Stanley Kennedy, Jr., the only difference between success and failure is getting up one more time when you are knocked down. “Change is never easy,” he said. “You need to effectively communicate the why for the change and the benefits that change will bring in the long run.”

This approach has served him well throughout his career in the aerospace industry. As the president, Co-founder and Chief Systems Engineer at Oakman Aerospace, Inc., Kennedy has endured change with grace. It was in 2012, following the dissolution of Comtech AeroAstro, that Kennedy, alongside his co-founders, started Oakman Aerospace. The company was formed with the intent to continue delivering solutions that were revolutionizing the future of the space industry, while keeping the Comtech AeroAstro team gainfully employed in Colorado.

Kennedy believes that employees are the foundation of the company. “The company’s employees come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but all have an unwavering commitment to doing their best for the people who use Oakman Aerospace products,” he said.

According to his staff, Kennedy is dedicated to not only providing jobs to Colorado’s talented workforce through Oakman Aerospace, but also to the future generations of space enthusiasts. His commitment to STEM outreach is exhibited by his efforts to sponsor a free resource – the Colorado Aerospace STEM Magazine – to all K-12 students, educators and parents. He is also a highly engaged member of the Small Satellite Conference Frank J. Redd Student Competition.

“I spend a lot of time encouraging the next generation of space enthusiasts,” said Kennedy. “I always encourage up and coming leaders to get involved and seek out mentors who can be resources throughout their career.”

Kennedy said he measures his success based on the accomplishments of the team and their mutual trust in each other. “This depends heavily on my ability to be an active listener and being able to see the opportunities and risks through others’ experiences and perspectives,” he said.

When leading others to assume the role of a leader, Kennedy said communication and initiative go hand in hand. “Ask your leadership what they need help with and be ready, always ready, for the opening that will demonstrate your abilities to a wider audience,” said Kennedy.

For his unwavering commitment to the industry, his staff, and up and coming leaders, Kennedy has been named a Titan of industry.

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"The only difference between success and failure is getting up one more time when you are knocked down."

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