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Simon Nunn

Co-Founder & Chief Architect
Bluestaq LLC

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Founded: 2018
Industry: Technology

According to his colleagues, Simon Nunn stands out with his technical talent, experience and agility to rapidly develop cutting edge management platforms for his customers. As the Chief Architect and Co-Founder of Bluestaq, these talents have helped the company to streamline global operations using cutting-edge enterprise software and mission analytics.

Nunn launched Bluestaq in 2018 with three other space industry veterans and he now leads the architectural design and oversite of the software product portfolio. Under his leadership, the company provides state-of-the-art identity and data access management enterprise software solutions for protecting and controlling the dissemination of highly sensitive data.

Within two months of operating, Bluestaq received its first contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory and later landed a three-year contract to develop the United States Air Force and United States Space Forces’ data management platform. Under Nunn’s leadership and in less than three years, Bluestaq was recognized as a 2020 Colorado Company to Watch and named a 2019 Emerging Tech Company of the Year.

Although the company has achieved success, Nunn said he is most proud of the philanthropy work, including the UCCS Bluestaq Scholarship that is open to students studying computer science or computer engineering at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

“This scholarship in collaboration with UCCS is the beginning of Bluestaq’s investment in the next generation of Bluestaq software developers,” said Nunn. “I believe Bluestaq and other technology organizations within the Colorado Springs community have a responsibility to invest in our local engineering students to shape the future of our workforce in the space domain.”

Nunn said he credits his success as a leader to his commitment to change. “It’s important to demonstrate to everyone that you are committed to the changes you are asking them to make,” he said. “This means being the first to take up the new action or activity.”

The entrepreneur said he considers himself successful only when those he is leading are successful. “It is my job as a leader to give those I’m leading the tools they need to be a success,” said Nunn. “When the vision has been presented in a clear and concise manner, each team member should be able to leave and understand what their role is in making the vision a success.”

That’s why Nunn is committed to being a mentor to his staff and scholarship recipients. “A mentor can remind you that failure will be encountered as part of your career and is to be expected,” he said. “Don’t let failure stop you; make it the catalyst that brings you to your next big success.”

For his commitment and his leadership skills, Nunn has been named a Titan of industry.

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"Don't let failure stop you; make it the catalyst that brings you to your next big success."