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Shawnee Starr

Longevity, a TechWise Company

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Founded: 1994
Industry: Wellness and Immunity Strengthening

Shawnee Starr has always been a problem solver at heart. This has aided her well as the CEO and Founder of the TechWise Group of Companies and Longevity Care Clinic. Starr is a champion at building high performing teams by helping both defense and commercial companies improve performance, but nothing in her career challenged her more than when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

While Starr underwent traditional western cancer treatment, she was not satisfied with the options available to her and set out to find a proactive approach to avoiding cancer recurrence. She researched and discovered a field of medicine dedicated to helping people discover the root causes of their issues and heal from the inside out.

“She was so inspired by her research that she brought the first Functional Medicine Clinic to Colorado Springs,” said her staff. “Her approach is quite different as she takes patients who are eager to learn about the ways they can transform their health by lifestyle changes.”

Starr’s goal is to transform the medical community to help provide access for everyone to wellness centers and to fix the root cause of medical issues instead of the standard pharmaceutical approach. “She is combining her focuses on military and healthcare into a program to transform the health throughout the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs,” said her staff.

Her leadership through the ups and downs of the economy has been paramount in the continued success of TechWise over the past 26 years. According to her staff, “Shawnee found ways to leverage the firm’s excellent past performance in technology, training and consulting into new growth areas.”

As a result, Starr has positioned her company as the best professional service company to have on the team to increase the performance level of not only the individuals, but of the collective group.

“Her personal commitment to prevention of her own cancer recurrence has inspired others that they can do the same,” said her employees. “She has developed her six founding pillars to longevity along with a coaching methodology to help people implement the lifestyle transformation.” The CEO is also known to speak with conviction and powerfully influence people to see and understand how their daily choices impact their health, said her staff.

Starr’s leadership approach is based on collaboration. “I involve my team, let them be a part of the solution and work hard to show them my commitment,” she said. “We stay positive and hit every challenge with the passion and determination required to ‘sign my name’ to the solution.”

Her efforts have landed Starr recognition as a Titan of industry.

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"I involve my team, let them be a part of the solution and work hard to show them my commitment."

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