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Shawn Thomson


Location: Basalt, CO
Founded: 1989
Industry: Destination Management

Shawn Thomson began her career as the owner of a travel agency, but a move to Aspen brought her to Rocky Mountains Connections, now known as RMC, a destination management firm. “With Shawn’s gift of creating elaborate events, a passion for socializing and an innate drive to be successful, she quickly expanded the company,” said her staff.

The first expansion grew into the neighboring markets of Colorado Springs, Denver, and Vail, but only a few years later, Thomson expanded again to Wyoming, Utah, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and California. RMC’s current corporation vision is to continue expanding into dynamic, beautiful, niche resort towns offering five-star guest service with Thomson serving as the CEO and Owner of RMC.

“Shawn believes in the power of her team and is determined to retain the members of her RMC family through thick and thin,” said her staff. These efforts included expanding the business services into online gifting and virtual event experiences at the onset of the 2020 pandemic. Thomson was also behind the creation of the wedding division which compliments RMC’s event planning and design services.

“In the current market, Shawn was not focused on trying to unrealistically grow revenue,” said her staff. “Instead of growing revenue, Shawn was relentlessly focused on strategic growth, refining the efficiency and cost effectiveness of RMC’s internal process to ensure that when the world is ready to celebrate again, RMC will be in an even stronger position with an even stronger foundation than ever before,” said her staff.

Thomson’s insight and vision remained consistent during the COVID pandemic, said her staff. “She has always had a long-range vision, even in the light of the many market fluctuations she has witnessed in the travel and hospitality industry over the years.”

The CEO has weathered these changes by embracing the challenges. “I strive to understand what has come before, what was a success and what was a failure,” said Thomson. “Change is a wonderful thing as long as it is progressive and furthers growth of your company and others.”

Thomson said she measures success based on the happiness of her employees and her clients. “I always try to be kind to myself, my partners, strangers and my teammates,” she said. “All of us are connected and when someone on your team wins, we all win.”

For her continued focus on employee and company growth as a leader, Thomson has been named a Titan of industry.

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"I always try to be kind to myself, my partners, strangers and my teammates. All of us are connected and when someone on your team wins, we all win."