Honoree Headshot

Scott Maloney

Senior Partner and Founder

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2009
Industry: Consulting

*Second Year Honoree*

Although Crain, a Denver consulting company, experienced tremendous growth in 2020 under the leadership of Senior Partner Scott Maloney, the year was incredibly trying on a personal and cultural level for the team. Maloney, a two-time Titan, worked endless hours to transform the company into a source of strength for each team member so that they could focus on their professional and personal needs.

“Leadership for me during that time for my team was about creating paths and providing support beyond the professional world,” said Maloney. “The walls of professional and personal lives came down due to the pandemic, so it was important to allow that same support and dynamic movement in the organization.”

That support led Maloney to become the architect of growth while doubling the firm size and receiving acknowledgements by national ranking groups as one of the most influential and profoundly effective strategy consultant firms today. “Under Scott’s leadership, Crain has delivered nearly a dozen high-profile engagements to large Fortune 500 companies and some of the fastest growing startups in the country,” said his staff. “And while all this wonderful growth was happening for the firm, Scott donated double the hours of pro bono work to young entrepreneurs while sitting on the Board of Directors for four different companies around the country and two universities.”

According to his staff, Maloney has always adhered to empowered leadership or the practice of leading by creating leaders. To that end, this year further evolved his model of creating large challenges for teams, resourcing them to be successful in pursuit of that challenge and then removing roadblocks as the team worked toward their goal. As a result, Maloney said he was able to watch his team meet and achieve goals they themselves didn’t think were possible.

“Scott drastically revamped how meetings were held, how individuals were mentored and the support he provided to the team so that everyone at the company could look to Crain as an anchor in an uncertain time rather than another source of stress,” said his employees.

While the company continued to experience success, Maloney said he views success as measured in the accomplishments of his team. “My job as a leader is to set strong and ambitious strategies, resource the team to support their ability to meet those strategies, and remove barriers that threaten their success,” said Maloney. “My success is only had when they succeed.”

For his commitment to success for Crain and his employees, Maloney has been named a two-time Titan of industry.

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"My job as a leader is to set strong and ambitious strategies, resource the team to support their ability to meet those strategies and remove barriers that threaten their success. My success is only had when they succeed."