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Peter Melby

Greystone Technology

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2001
Industry: IT Services and Cybersecurity

*Second Year Honoree*

For CEO Peter Melby, his goal in leading Greystone Technology through the COVID challenges was to be human and to fully recognize the humanity in his team. His team experienced personal tragedies aside from the COVID challenges.

“I had to be careful not to complain about my own situation, as I know that many had it worse, while connecting with team members at all levels in the struggle of working from home, experiencing and embracing racial tension and enlightenment, political upheaval and homeschooling our kids, all while trying to care about our work,” said Melby, a two-time Titan.

He believes that the team’s humanity united them as the facades were all torn down. “Our team came together virtually, but not being together in person to grieve and support each other was challenging,” said Melby. The experience prompted him to offer encouragement and empowerment in new ways. Melby met virtually in small groups and one-on-one video conversations with every team member. He deeply understood the challenges and sought to provide the support his team members needed.

“Transparency drives more trust than seeming like we always know what we’re doing,” said Melby. “When COVID upended all of us, our team was scared for their jobs.” Although Melby couldn’t promise that there wouldn't be a reduction in force, he started sending bi-monthly revenue and expense updates to offer clear indicators of how the IT and cybersecurity management firm was performing.

“Our biggest challenge in 2020 was the fact that cybercrime grew exponentially while the economy took a dive,” he said. In response, the firm developed a process for companies to rapidly rework their IT budgets, finding wasteful spending that could be reallocated to security. Greystone Technology also developed a Common Sense Cybersecurity roadmap that clearly outlined which steps each company should take along with the business cost vs. risk analysis.

As a result, the company grew 14% in 2020 and the investment in helping clients do more with less led to this growth. His team also played a key role in the company's growth. “I’m very proud of our team and leadership,” said Melby.

He is also proud of the close company culture that has allowed him the opportunity to provide support and encourage others to support their team members. For his commitment to embracing an engaged leadership style, Melby has been named a two-time Titan of industry.

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"Transparency drives more trust than seeming like we always know what we're doing."