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Patrick J Dennis

President & CEO
Alvaria, Inc.

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2021
Industry: Software

*Second Year Honoree*

When Patrick J. Dennis, president and CEO of Alvaria, Inc., reflects back on the year 2020, he views it as a year defined by change. The pandemic posed a challenge, but Dennis saw it as an opportunity. “We made strategic changes to our operations and customer engagements to offset the issues driven by the pandemic,” he said. “I did not believe customers would stop needing our products and services and successfully addressed the impacts.”

Patrick is our leader, strategist, and key customer advocate.

He has over 20 years of experience leading technology businesses at major corporations such as EMC and Oracle. Patrick is a facts driven leader that drives alignment across the entire business to maximize customer success.

As President and CEO of Aspect Software, Patrick successfully restructured and stabilized the organization then led the transformation of the company by merging with Noble Systems to create Alvaria, Inc. Prior to Aspect, Patrick was an Operating Executive at Vector Capital, where he consulted with founders, boards, and private equity partners about strategic planning, restructuring, growth, and capital requirements. Patrick was the President and CEO of Guidance Software, a leader in cybersecurity technology, where he grew the company and ultimately spearheaded its acquisition by OpenText. He served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at EMC’s Enterprise and Mid-Range Storage Division and Cloud Management Division where he was responsible for long-range planning, mergers & acquisitions, and the divisional strategy for those businesses. Prior to EMC, Patrick was the Group Vice President for the North American Storage Sales organization at Oracle, leading the go to market strategy for Oracle’s commercial business in North America. Earlier in his career, Patrick was a software and systems engineer and held leadership and technical roles at Eastman Kodak.

“I learned how pliable we all really are when we are pushed to change,” said Dennis. “I’ve made a conscious effort to catalyze, in my mind, how much we changed during this time. We proved that some of the resistance to change that we experienced pre-pandemic wasn’t necessary.”

Enabling the leadership team to execute quickly and continuously refine the approach to operations was an important part of his role. “Our biggest challenge was rethinking how to sell enterprise software during the pandemic,” said Dennis. “To serve customers, we needed to develop solutions that addressed increased demand for their products.”

Those solutions included creating a series of webinars for clients, training the field organization on how to adapt to video calls and creating a virtual annual customer event while improving customer relationships.

“It takes a network to win in business, and if you build a network out of people whom you have had a positive impact on, that results in an exceptionally strong mesh,” said Dennis. “Create a culture based on urgency, accountability and results and you will be served well.”

While most companies are grounded in product and sales, Dennis said he believes in setting the tone and putting both employees and customers at the center of what a company does. “Customers will see a sense of urgency,” he said. “Customers can see when a company follows up and is accountable and customers judge a company based on our results and delivery.”

As a two-time Titan, Dennis said he is fortunate enough to have an exceptional executive team under his supervision who embrace the mission and vision of the software company. For his efforts to catapult company and employee growth, Dennis has been named a Titan of industry once again.

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"Create a culture based on urgency, accountability and results and you will be served well."