Honoree Headshot

Nick Stanitz-Harper

Chief Revenue Officer & Co-founder
Edison Interactive

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2016
Industry: Technology/Software Solutions

*Second Year Honoree*

Thanks to Nick Stanitz-Harper’s forward thinking and strategy to cast a vision for shorter periods of time rather than one-year ahead, Edison Interactive has experienced incredible growth, even during a global pandemic. Edison’s headcount grew by 30 percent and doubled down on their own products in-market in 2020, under Stanitz-Harper’s leadership.

“Nick’s ability to cultivate partnerships with leading Fortune 100 and 500 companies, in addition to empowering others during a time that we all needed confidence has provided Edison a map to future success despite market conditions,” said his staff.

The two-time Titan who is the Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder of Edison Interactive in Denver, a technology and software solutions company, said that the pandemic prompted the company to completely pivot and adapt to an entirely new way of doing business. Stanitz-Harper said his number one priority during the transition was his team.

“It would have been easy to take the conservative approach to be cautious, reduce the size of our team and decrease company spending,” said Stanitz-Harper. “Instead, we doubled down. We hired more, rallied our team, gave our leaders more autonomy, implemented new processes, got rid of ones that didn’t work and we focused on what we could control.”

The approach led Edison to 110% year-over year growth, but according to Stanitz-Harper, the most rewarding part of the success last year was watching the team come closer together.

“Our leaders accelerated, new leaders emerged and we promoted from within,” he said. “In order for employees to embrace change, it’s key to not only be fully supportive of the direction, but also commit to the plan. We want to empower employees with knowledge and to be part of the changes moving forward.”

The most recent changes under Stanitz-Harper’s leadership were investing heavily into technology resources to ensure the team stayed aligned, connected and motivated. “We created a clear vision and outlined how we were going to get there,” he said.

Stanitz-Harper said the success of the company directly relates to the empowerment of employees. “The future needs to be about your team and believing what you can do together,” he said. “I consider everything a learning opportunity. Remember that you can learn from every experience, whether it is a new skill, knowledge or lesson on how to improve for next time while encouraging others to do the same.”

For his unending commitment to growth, encouragement and fostering employee and company success, Stanitz-Harper has been named a two-time Titan of industry

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"The future needs to be about your team and believing what you can do together."