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Michael Robert DePriest

Longs Peak Landscape

Location: Longmont, CO
Founded: 1994
Industry: Landscape Contractor

When Mike DePriest was 14, he began mowing his neighbor’s lawns for extra cash with his best friend. Following his passion, Mike persued a degree in landscape horticulture and turn management, with the dream of one day running a golf course. Little did he know, he'd be running much more than that! Now, his company, Longs Peak Landscape, grosses $8.5 million in revenue and employs more than 1,000 employees. Longs Peak Landscape is currently one of northern Colorado’s premier landscape contractors, in business for 27 years.

“When I look back, and people are following me, I know that I am operating in my core values, which are honesty, hard work and loyalty,” said DePriest. As the President and CEO of the company, DePriest finds himself waking up every day and working hard to continue to create opportunities for growth personally, and as a team. DePriest believes, "there's no secret to success except hard work. You have to wake up with that mentality."

DePriest said he leads through change by studying and analyzing trends to determine where change is needed. “I then present that information to the appropriate people to help me create that change, establish some smart goals and get it identified and communicated to the right people,” he said.

As a business owner for 27 years, DePriest focuses on culture coaching to empower his team. He also encourages his staff to embrace technology. “It’s changing everything and fast,” he said. “Big data will run the world and we all need to know how to make sure that we are set up for that.”

He believes that a “high tide raises all ships,” and this is the motto he has embraced as a leader and President/CEO of Longs Peak Landscape. It’s how he has continued to expand the growth of his premier landscape contracting company in Northern Colorado.

Since 1994, DePriest has also focused on training his staff to be hard working, honest and loyal when working with each other and customers. These principles helped him to catapult his business and move from mowing his neighbors’ lawns to serving the Colorado community on a large scale.

For his commitment to growth and employee empowerment, DePriest has been named a Titan of industry.

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"When I look back, and people are following me, I know that I am operating in my core values, which are honesty, hard work and loyalty."