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Mary Grothe

House of Revenue

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2017
Industry: Revenue Growth Consulting

When the pandemic shutdown occurred in March 2020, Mary Grothe had just finished a remarkable year as the CEO of House of Revenue, but she feared her world would come crashing down. She had just scaled the company from $0 to $1.55 million in two years, but the pandemic revealed much about her business.

“I was finally forced to actually stop for a moment and look around,” Grothe said. “We believed everything that was left standing was built on a strong foundation.”

So, she set out to rebuild. “In 2020, we rebuilt our company based on my non-negotiable 9 a.m.-4 p.m. work schedule, no travel, and we built infrastructure in our business, trained employees, enhanced our recruiting strategy, and finished the year the biggest and most profitable it had ever been,” said Grothe.

She credits the growth with her leadership style that required her to recharge and practice self-care. “With that as a focal point, I can show up powerfully for my team,” said Grothe.

House of Revenue continues to thrive, under the leadership of Grothe, who began her career at 22 with a Fortune 1000 Payroll/HR Company, gradually creating a new firm and ultimately launching House of Revenue in 2017. The revenue growth consulting company in Denver helps solve revenue problems holistically by using targeted automation, building inbound marketing funnels full of qualified leads and training sales representatives to close.

“I remain committed to being an openly faith-based CEO and believing that God is using our talents in the marketplace to scale our CEO clients’ dreams and missions,” said Grothe. “We are faithful servants of our gifts and are deeply committed to loving and serving our CEO clients while helping them scale.”

Grothe said her management style is to love first and approach each situation with calmness. “Be curious and ask questions. Ask employees to share one to two possible solutions for each problem they identify,” she said. “Then, show up, roll up your sleeves and help them solve the problem to the level that my involvement is needed.”

She believes that it’s important to lead by example. “Ultimately, I show up with my actions; not just my words,” Grothe said. “I walk the talk.” This strategy has worked well for Grothe, who has been nominated for Denver Business Journals’ 40 Under 40, has been named a Top 50 Keynote Speaker and has led her company to be awarded as one of the Fastest Growing Sales Training Firms.

For her willingness to empower employees, lead by example and walk the talk, Grothe has been named a Titan of industry.

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Mary used to be a professional hip-hop and breakdancer!